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snowy Friday

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Couldn't belive the snow as I opened the curtains..it's clearing now but my first thought was I won't be able to go buy my fabric..not oh my poor daughter having to go out at 6.00am in this..we have rainy sleet now which is moving the snow . I'm also hoping it's clear and dry for our son and his family to watch the Tour de Yorkshire. .it's about 12.30 through his village so there is hope.


Liz I could not belive the length of the queue for the tickets..good it wasn't you.


I'm a bit dozy this morning..can't think what to write.. have a good day with hopefully craft in there somewhere

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Good morning all, we haven't got snow yet just cloud, the sun is trying to come out but it is chilly and windy. I went out to look around the orchard and took this photo of the cherry tree John has put a huge windmill in the tree to see if it keeps the pigeons away from eating the buds and later the cherries. The other three cherry trees we planted in the fruit cage because of this reason we loose the cherries on the orchard tree. The wind mill is going around a pace but it looks like it is standing still.


This morning I am going to finish painting a lion and a lamb I started yesterday on some Welsh slate of which I have a bag full in the cabin. The lion needs another layer of paint to his face, more shadow and nose and beard combining with the mane. Photo of a WIP.


I hope you find some inspiration this morning ELISA I find a lot of my inspiration from my books and on Pinterest. Well must get going have a crafty day all.



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Morning :)


I've spent yesterday morning and this morning running errands so even less has been done at home!  Just chucked the cats out too for fighting and covering the lounge carpet with tufts of fur :o


Anyhow one of my chores was buying some net for the sloped window in the lounge as the sun comes through something fierce and the blind is either open or closed, no in-between on it at all!  I'm going to attach it with curtain wire at the top and a cafe rod at the bottom to hold it in place.


I did a little editing last night but gave up as Alex needed extra attention.  Her eczema is bothering her and it was disturbing her sleep.  Ellie left her school cardi in her swimming bag and pulled it out 5 mins before going out to school!  Been a right old morning.


Eliza it's not like you to be dozy ;) Hope you get to buy your fabric.

Linda lovely painting on the slate - your lion has loads of character!


Right I'd best be off.  Maisy is meowing to come in but I'm not letting her yet.  The sun is shining so she can stay out B)


Be crafty x

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Afternoon ladies we are lucky here in southeast dry at the moment sky a bit grey.ladies I am so so excited I have waited five years to get my embroidary as it is an expensive item I have ordered it today from the place goose put the link as it's bank holiday it will be delivered Tuesday my hubby is the best hubby in the world for buying it for me so it's a very happy Friday.apart from that I have done a drawing for hubby he wants a tattoo of chewbucca ,it was hard for me trying to keep it simple as it will be a tatoo.waiting to here from my daughter if I have any parcels today hoping so will keep me busy over the weekend.have a very happy Friday from an very excited Lisa xx

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Afternoon Everyone. Have spent the morning doing boring housework. Tidied the garden. Now it's a knitty afternoon for me. Went to mum's yesterday It was her was 80th Birthday. She didn't want a party, so we're having a family meal tonight. Have a lovely afternoon all. x 😄

Su2ie - Hope Alex's eczema has eased. Sounds like you've had a busy day. 😳

Lisa - It's exciting waiting for a delivery. 😀 It will soon be with you. 😄

Eliza - Hope you got your fabric. 😀

Linda - Love your Lion. You are so talented in so many different crafts. They are fab. 😄

Have a lovely afternoon all. x 😃

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Hi dry here now we had all the 4 seasons this morning

Been out shopping with Ruth, bought an adult colouring book and some double ended colour pencils for myself


I had more fabric delivered today, still waiting on my quilt ruler that was due wed, it appears to be at customs Heathrow now, I thought I was buying from uk, got it on create and craft tv


Love the slate painting Linda,so life like


Did you go for fabric Eliza , dying to see it


Have a relaxing afternoon Tracy, you recovered from jet lag now


Lisa congrats on new machine, try and keep busy and weekend will pass quickly


Off to make cuppa bfn

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