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Well I am tired out now on concentrating so have packed away paints for a bit of relaxation. Your drawings are amazing Lisa , I love them are you learned ng to paint them if you draw that baby monkey on wood then use your pirography tool that will be amazing too.


Here is my pebble fairy I still have her hand to paint and some touching up, but I copied it from a picture on Pinterest drew it first then painted with acrylics daughter Elizabeth wanted it.


We had hailstones and sleet now we have cloud and John has just put the runner bean sticks up and tied them in to a long teepee.


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What a talented lot in this group you all deserve recognition

I am so inspired by the cushion Eliza it's brilliant thanks for sharing

Lisa love that baby chimp so much life in the eyes ,your drawings are always so good

And you su2ie with your writing, and sewing etc

Look forward to seeing your fairy stone Linda you have so many talents

And Denise with all the work you do for charity, your angel cribs made me cry

Suzy with her Aran knits and the dresses she made for Leah and I remember a bag she made that I loved

Tracey fitting in her knitting when work doesn't get in the way

And bluebell now sharing her inspiration with us

Sarah with her bags and tales from America

We are so lucky, I hope Tina returns soon too


I had a lie in this morning, weather was awful and hubby said I should stay where I was so he took niamh to school and I enjoyed the luxury of a cuppa in bed then fell back to sleep till lunch time, I am sure I will regret it tonight

My patterned fabric arrived for another 2 quilts for the grandchildren

Also my mini iron and cut n press board , still plain fabric to arrive .

Think I need to rest sewing fingers and do some machine sewing or fabric cutting this evening, oh that reminds me I need to order more waddling


Hope everyone is well, give best wishes to your cousin Eliza I think of her

Hope your cold improves soon bluebell

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Liz you are praising everyone (sorry I made you cry) but don't forget you deserve a mention too.  Your work is brilliant as well and you have you had to cope with TB as well.


The thing I love on here is the inspiration everybody gets from each other.


Bluebell hope I don't put my foot in it but is that Marilyn Monroe as it certainly looks like her ?


Linda the fairy on your pebble is sooooooooooo  cute I love it.


I just want to add thank to to each and everyone of you for sharing your thoughts, everyday life and your lovely crafty makes.


Keep it up  :)   :wub:



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I love this group you always makes me inspired .great to see all the different ideas everyone has love the pebbles idea it's good geting lots of ideas as I am passing it on to my ten year old grandad who loves to do craft to.so thank you ladies xx

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Denise your cradles made me cry as it is such a nice thing to do, I so wish I had one when I had my miscarriages

Keep up the good work


Lisa the ideas are great on here as you said ,

but I hope you are passing the ideas on to your granddaughter and not your 10 year old grandad, lol


Catch you all tomorrow

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