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Suzy - Such fab news for you and your family. Wonderful. 😀

Work whizzed by.... Hair washed, bathed and in my PJ's. Now it's time for knitting and and a glass of wine I think. ðŸ·

Su2ie - Glad Ellie is much better, hope Alex isn't too poorly. 😷

Denise - You're certainly have a fab decorating time. Have you nearly finished it now? 😃

Eliza - Sounds like you're having fun with your experiments. 😄

Liz - I seem to be back into my routine now thank you. Hope your fingers are feeling less sore now. 😊

Have a lovely evening everyone. x

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Liz..this sore finger thing..I've really been struggling with same thing...really annoying.


Suzy lovely news..


Denise. .send OH here please..we just can't get going. . Not sure why..I've bought curtains in the hope it may give us a push but so far... no..nothing


Phone is flickering so going to post while I can

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