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Past 2 days seemed to zoom by but I don't have a lot to show for it?!! Did some knitting Monday when we got back form the park with dogs. An awful day. Needed a few grocery bits & then we took dogs for a short walk. They had a longer run in the afternoon. Lovely finches singing in the trees in the park. I do like to  hear them as I am unable to keep a canary now, due to breathing problems. Probably why I developed it in the first place as had them for years. DH's are from many years of smoking & has damaged lungs!. I tried one as a teenager & hated it. Spent several days cleaning my teeth & tongue a few times each day to get rid of the taste. Sunny & windy today. Did some cross stitch last night. Not had 2 on the go before but first was pretty & colourful but got a bit tedious after 4 or 5 weeks so took up an easier one. Been on that just over 4 weeks & decided to have a break from that & get back to first one. Waiting for groceries to be delivered so thought I'd get on here before van arrives. Hope you all have a lovely day. TTFN, Bluebell

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Denise I'm to blame for messing up and 2 posts on..sorry.


Had my hair cut lots shorter..hubby is now wired for sound..I've been telling him for years he needs hearing aids..I need to learn how to talk without shouting now.


No bargain buys of fabric today.. got caught in 2 heavy hailstorms, it was like torture..stabbed our faces or put your head down and it ran down your neck.


I did buy some lovely pink crystals to go in my necklace for the wedding.


Hubby back from bar..ordrered steak..sipping red wine.


Liz love your panels..can't think what everyone wrote and better chat to hubby now he can hear me.


Be crafty

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Hi ladies very strange weather here today .been a bit board done some cleaning need some craft supplies just texted hubby told him I have been board done cleaning need craft supplies he said I will have to get you some I said check your ebay account lol I have some on the way.just sitting in car at Tesco waiting for my shop at click and collect .will have to have a dig round to find something to do when I get home.happy crafting ladiesxxlisa

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wonderful news Suzy, congratulations nana


Weather here same Eliza, we've had snow, hail ,thunder and wind with Sun in between, glad hubby wired now, I have been telling my OH to go but he won't so I shout


Been sewing beads to applique and my fingers are sore, just thumb and first finger, think it was caused by embroidery on applique last night


Wish you wouldn't mention HW su2ie, you make me feel guilty

I used to be so busy in the house but these days it's essential s,only as aches and disabilities have slowed me down


Stay cosy people and get some craft time

I didn't go for steak today Eliza, hope you enjoyed yours


Hope work passed quickly Tracey and your jet lag isn't too bad


Hi Lisa we were posting at same sort of time

Enjoy your e**y delivery when it comes

Edited by crafty nannie

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Posts now merged


Bit of a funny old day rain wind snow and hailstones  :(


DH has the decorating bug again. We live in a bungalow and leading off sitting room is a small area to bedroom doors. He's laid a wooden floor today and tonight he will paint doors and skirting board.


Liz love your latest quilted blocks.


Suzy that's fantastic news. I've heard of this happening before.  Are you all down from cloud 9 yet  :)


Su2ie you might have to follow my lead and have a bit de-clutter  ;)


Tracey hope day passes quickly for you


Bluebell I often think where have the days gone and what have I got to show for it ?


Eliza the wine makes up for the bad weather  ;) Don't worry about two posts its easily sorted.


Lisa hope your order doesn't take too long to arrive.


Think everyone is having yuck weather so hopefully a bit crafting will cheer everyone up.


Have a lovely evening

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