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Afternoon :)


Stitchy what a great idea with the light beneath your work.  We have a flat torch so might try that if I'm having trouble seeing my work properly.


Tracey I did wonder where you were!  Good to hear Jay's mum is feeling a bit more perky after your visit.


Lisa once again you've done a lovely job with the decoupage :D


Not much going on here except HW.  Ellie has come down with a virus along with high temp and sore throat so she's sleeping on and off.  Just having a sit down as my sciatica has flared up but I've got to clean the bathroom soon.  You never know I might get to do something for me soon!  DF has popped out to get a few errands run so just me and the girls.


Speak later x

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Nice work Lisa..something I've been tempted to try..I've been making pom poms this afternoon. .visted farmers market this morning and it was a pompomathon..everywhere you looked pom poms being made..gave me a push to make some..only 5 so far but a bag full of wool ready.. I'm struggling a bit tying them, my creaky fingers are creaking more.


Bought some charms to make earrings from a Viking lady who'd come from York. .also bought a lovely spray of flowers..lilys and carnations..then I trotted down the village for iron on stiffening as I've run out..I missed 3 crafty places as I waa worried I'd get tired as I was on my own..we are lucky living in such an arty crafty village.


Making a curry so better say bye or it may be burnt.


Hope your all having a crafty day

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Thank you ladies.hope Ellie gets well soon a lot of virus seem to be doing the rounds at the moment my little granddaughter is poorly .Eliza that's one thing I hate making Pom poms I give that job to my oldest granddaughter .:-).you should try the decoupage it's great fun . Enjoy your curry .lisax

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Hi ladies , I hope ellie is ok su2ie , children are. so generous sharing their viruses


Eliza you are lucky having a crafty village, I have to buy my supplies on line, I am enjoying my quilts ,I am a night person I hate mornings, I can sew at night as I have 2 bright LED lamps beside my chair or sewing machine


Been to my eldest daughter this morning and she got out a bag of knitted squares the children at the village school where she works have been knitting with the intention of making a story blanket to sit on for their story time, Such a good idea, and the children will be so proud of their floor blanket


Sewing again this evening ,Ruth invited me to go to cinema with her and her partner but 100 mile round trip puts me off unless it's a special film I really want to see, pity it's such a journey


Will post pics of my WIP tomorrow when light is good

It is cold and dark here today with sleet showers

Have a good weekend everyone

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Evening ladies been dull and overcast here too and a tad nippy.


Had a bit of a lazy day - DH and DS2 went food shopping so I did HW while they were out.


Did some hooky then lunch and this afternoon Sophie came - full of cold and lots of sneezes.  But we played watch Kung Fu Panda and sang some songs. She's gone home with her dad now.


Will be doing tea shortly then an evening of hooky.  Busy doing angel cradles with yarn I got from Liz. Will have to take pics of what I am making with the yarn she sent and also mohair from Linda - all for charity. I'll do a thread to keep them altogether.


Everyone has been so busy.


Lisa I think serviette decoupage is harder as serviettes are so delicate - think they are better for candles as you don't need any glue which might tear them just a good old fashioned hot iron.


Tracey hope Jay's mam is ok. As you say its a long way to go.


Su2ie I heard Tea tree oil is supposed to help get rid of them and thickening the hair in conditioner. Mind you they might be old wives tales


Have a good evening



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