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Hello ladies.


Been overcast most of the day and a certain little lady wanted her dinner sitting outside on the decking  brrrrr it was nippy.

Fortunately after she had been to nursery she was happy to play inside TG


Still hooking squares for my blanket along with little cradles for Needles Hooks Angels and Preemies (a charity I support) and also knitting a poncho for my bestie.


Nice to read everyone's bit chatter


Lisa I would accept wrinkles as part of the charm. If you rub too much you may tear the napkins. It is looking lovely and will have a nice shine after a final coat of PVA/varnish.


Linda sounds like you're going to have a lovely time 


Eliza the armchair caps sound a lovely idea


Bluebell hope you manage to get some knitting done today. Craft Group lady does seem silly if she wants  spinners then its obvious to ask for spinners  :rolleyes:


Su2ie hope you soon get rid of unwanted guests - if you can call them guests  :angry:  You will have to post a pic of your knitting when you get a bit done.


Have a lovely evening whatever you do





For all those interested in Hoch***a it is returning on 3rd May Freeview channel 39

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Linda hope you enjoy your break and spinning :)  I've replied to your message ;)


Stitchy I think its a bit odd of a craft group only to want one type of crafters as they have enough of all the other sorts!  Or am I reading that wrong? :lol:


Lisa love the box, its very neat!

Goose you are certainly full of busy with all those projects on the go!


Anyhow I appear to be winning the buggy battle.  Such a pain though!  Good news at work today as I did really well at my 6 week review.  Can't believe I've been there six weeks already!


Have a good crafty evening all x

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Su2ie I don't think they had many other crafts, she said it was mostly spinners who had joined but they still wanted only new spinners. Odd to my way of thinking. Just had a thought, I do like The Spinners group of singers. Went to a few of their concerts in the 70s & had a great time. This lady with the cut glass voice was most rude, as though I was silly for even thinking of joining. I did not mind being wrong but I was unhappy that she spoke down to me. I know I have a southern accent so was not born & bred in these parts. (I did not know at that time I had a drop of Welsh blood in my veins as my grt. grt. grandmother was born in Pembrokeshire.) The lady did not have a Welsh accent either but it was her whole attitude which got to me. If she'd have said Sorry but we really want spinners & should have put that in the advert I wouldn't have minded, not treat me like a blithering idiot & make me feel it was beneath her really to speak to me. Thankfully I do not come across that sort of person often but it does annoy me. I'll get off my soap box now, ha ha. Bye for now. Bluebell

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