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This week is flying by, sunny again this morning  :D


Not much to tell you today, I finished the turquoise dress, think it is okay and I started putting together a bag using a panel I had done of sort of ribbon embroidered flowers on black, I say sort of as I didn't have the ribbon I needed so improvised :unsure: rest of bag is grey with polka dots, a heavy linen (or linen look)  ;)


I need a knit or crochet project for when I'm TV watching, I have the hexagon'y quilt on the go but some evenings my fingers are too stiff and sore to hand sew,  :(


That's it, can't think what else was written yesterday, don't think we saw Liz and haven't seen Sarah for a while hope she is okay.


Keep crafting

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Hello everyone just getting every thing ready to go on the train to Somerset, I leave at 10.45 to London then on down to Somerset, arriving about 4.15. I have an hours wait at Waterloo for the connection.


Stitchybluebell I shall be visiting the Welsh wool festival on Saturday Bluith Powys

Really looking forward to seeing wakes and shall try not to go mad in buying everything.


Any way will keep in contact have a crafty day.

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Enjoy yourself Linda, looking forward to seeing your purchases,


Eliza the bag sounds nice I fancy trying ribbon embroidery

Can you show a pic , enjoyed all the pics from yesterday


Not sure where yesterday went as I was home all day ,but I was enjoying doing my new project another lap quilt, building up the presents nicely for Christmas


I did read all your posts but vague now, as eliza says not seen Sarah for a while , hope she is ok


Another nice day here, we took the dogs to the woods and it was lovely, stopped to catch up with my two grown up granddaughters on way home, uni on holiday or study leave

Taking niamh dancing at 3.30, then home to sew again

Thursday is fish supper night so easy


Was going to change bed linen today but got distracted wish I had done it as weather so nice


Well lunch break over will sew again till time to collect niamh, have a nice day


Eliza is this bargain day at market , wish I lived near you

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Hello from an absolutely glorious Newcastle.  This morning I have been doing some gardening with the help of Sophie. She gathered up the weeds and put them in the bin. Then she washed my pegs and swept the decking.


She had her dinner out on the decking then went home with her dad to get ready for nursery.


I have  rubbed the skin off on part of my finger so hope it doesn't stop me doing some hooky.


We finished - at long last - decorating the toilet. Took a while to find a border. Not a lot of wallpaper shops other than the big ones B&? etc. Then had a bit sort out in area next to toilet (would have been outside coal house when house built) - more rubbish gone  :D


My super cheap bargain wool from C&C arrived - its lovely  - wished I had ordered more at the time. But then we are all wise after the fact :D .


:D Eliza your bag sounds lovely


Linda have a lovely time in Somerset and the wool fest but remember what Eliza says - what you buy you have to carry home - have you got a shopping trolley you can fill   ;)


Liz its nice when you can get out for a walk without getting wet  ;)


Think I'll go back out into garden and enjoy the sun whilst its here.


Have a good afternoon


Take care



ps I'm sure Sara is just probably busy with babysitting

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Hi Liz, the bargain fabric guy tends to be Tuesday but not every week, he's the same one I bought all the hospital quality white sheeting from, its a case of look and see and use your imagination.

In Leeds next tuesday so will have a look again.


my beads have arrived but not what I thought, they are nice snd I'll get a nice necklace from them but need to rethink design.


post-483411-0-64777500-1461246935_thumb.jpg post-483411-0-04743500-1461246967_thumb.jpg new bag, ribbon embroidery on front 2 pockets on back, 1 for tissues and other for carrier bags


post-483411-0-74999200-1461247082_thumb.jpg was doing quilt as you go, but don't want a quilt so going to use them on a bag I think.

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