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Anyone make journals of any kind

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I've been keeping a gardening dairy for many years but it's in a pre bought large flower notebook someone gave me as a present.


But I've always made my own little notebooks that I carry around in my bag from recycled items ie bits of leftover paper, used envelopes, recycled Christmas cards etc etc.


However I've never made myself a large journal into which I can sketch, paint, write, stick/attach things into.  So I decided it was time I made one for myself.


I used the same method I've been using for yeas for my little notebooks but this time I also used junk mail/flyers that came through the post.


I used 4 sheets from a glossy junk mail mag by sticking them together then used up some of my scrap printer paper to put a layer of paper mache onto then a layer of acrylic paint.  Due to the layers, the pva glue and acrylic paint the cover is now a hardback cover.


The insides I hand sewn all the junk/rubbish mail that came in one week, some cards I've over the years from exchanges.  I made a few envelopes/pockets to put extra bits of card, paper and tags into.


I made sure there was plenty of room for painting, drawing, writing and attaching/sticking things to.


I was so pleased how well it came out and have been using it most days for the past month, that I've already made another one to use when this one is full up.

The red one is nearly full up now.

The new one I might cover with paint or papermachie, fabric or just leave as is.

The strange this is I thought this was my original idea as I've been doing the little notebook ones since I was a child.  But my friend saw my big journal as said, "oh a junk journal did you get the idea from youtube?"




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