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Love the colour of banana yarn Suzie but yuk on visitors. Love the doll..I saw tge red riding hood book in the Wo**s other day.. didn't but it as Sophia and Harry take them and their bedrooms are so full of soft toys I feel for mt DiL.


Yes I like the fabric..the plain I bought yesterday is perfect match to patterned I bought a few weeks ago..a shade paler. .after making 2 dresses I feel confident enough to make it..going to use same pattern as turquoise dress aa that fits well.


Enjoy your chicken lunch.


I'm going to sit in garden and hem dress now while wearing my.brown dress with a bright pink ccardigan. .still not keen on dress but it's fabric..brown is not me. It'll wear at home though.

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Afternoon ladies lovely to see the makes you have done or are doing.i no that nightmare of visitors in hair especially when the hair is very long,tea tree oil is suppose to stop them something in it they don't like.well Linda I wish I had seen your post on making the skirt. I had ago it came out pants lol i will however try what you said.i haven't done any knitting or crochet at the moment done some more drawing made some bunting and just finished making a slimming world fish pie for dinner.happy crafting ladies xx:-)



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Great Fabric Eliza & love the things you have made. Thanks for sharing. Su2ie how awful about Alex  having those in his hair. Your doll is lovely & the yarn is beautiful. Hope you can enjoy the sunshine Goose - it is good when there is no breeze or just a little bit. It is sunny here & there isn't any wind today. We usually get westerly winds here. Due to be cold at weekend again but  hopefully when May comes it will turn warmer. I did some knitting this morning, left front of long cardie. I am 2 sizes larger than when I knitted jumpers & cardigans for myself 25 years ago sooo it seems to take ages to knit something for myself now. Want to get it done so I can knit smaller items for charity. I have 2 more lots of yarn to knit myself jumpers but will not start them until later in the year. Bought yarn from Wool...... as it is slightly cheaper & yarns arrived in opaque nylon drawstring bag, just right for keeping yarns in. I have deep orange called Pumpkin & Sea Breeze a pale turquoise. P....ns FAB DK acrylic as I am allergic to wool & nylon. Says machine washable & light tumble dry so we shall see. Order arrived very quickly so will use them again.. Hope everyone has a good afternoon & evening. Cheerio for now :)

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