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Woke to sun again love it..makes you feel so much better.


Today I am sewing..going to finish my turquoise dress.. I put the £2 of fabric in washing machine. . Never used the Steam Refresh program before but it worked came out sweet smelling -a bit damp but not wet. Really pleased with my bargain. . No idea where he gets his fabrics from but they are so cheap. . I bought some NHS white sheeting from him last year .. with that he guessed the prices I paid £2.50 for loads it was in 2 bits but great quality. .used it for all kinds of things including backed a couple of quilts. I need to make a note Lucky Dip Fabric Man there Tuesday.


Other thing I did in Leeds was fashion snoop.. went in ladies department of big stores to check styles before I cut out my outfit for the wedding.


I loved all the posts yesterday..it's inspiring reading what everyone is doing.


I'll get tablet out later today and post some photos (if I remember) I have them all on my phone and just tried to put them on here but it crashed..luckily I tried before I typed as it has happened before.


Have a great day..hope work and life doesn't get too much in the way of crafty things

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post-483411-0-90193600-1461134051_thumb.jpg turquise dress so far,, sleeves, neck and hem to finish


post-483411-0-41213900-1461134103_thumb.jpg brown dress restyled, still not keen but wearable now in the garden.


post-483411-0-64533800-1461134160_thumb.jpg fabric nice Rose n H****e which was £24 with the plain £2 piece I bought for jacket


post-483411-0-68928900-1461134253_thumb.jpg pattern I will use for jacket, facing it in patterned fabric


right that's all crafters, I'm now up to date with photos, I think.


stay crafty

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Morning :)


Eliza, wow!  Love your dress fabric.  I was expecting something plain when you spoke about it - the pattern really is lovely.  Love all the other pics too, especially the necklace :P


I was interrupted half way through posting by the postie bringing me my banana yarn.  It's slubby and so soft.  Will see if I can upload a pic afterwards.


Had a bit of a nightmare morning as I discovered Alex's hair had little visitors... Not something you want to deal with first thing in the morning.  Thankfully I still have a bottle of spray but know from experience it takes a while to get rid of the little pests :angry:  Couldn't find any in Ellie's hair but will treat her all the same.


Anyhow me and DF get to go to the school today and have a roast chicken dinner with Ellie.  She's really looking forward to it :D


Right better sign off as I'm soooo behind now after all the hair combing first thing!


Have a crafty day in the sunshine B)

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Morning from another sunny day here up north 


Some lovely pics posted - thank you for sharing


Eliza sounds it was a fruitful day in Leeds. You are so busy you will meet yourself coming back  :lol:


Su2ie doll is so cute and the banana yarn looks lovely.


Had a bit of a sort out today of bits and pieces I kept - you know the kind the bits you might just need some time in the future so better not throw out - well I threw mine out.


Trouble is you throw stuff out but the pile never seems to go down and sometimes even grows  :(


Think I might sit in garden and have a cuppa check out that lovely sun - hopefully no nippy wind out there.


Have a super day


Take care

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