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Thank you for welcome back messages.Niamh's comments made me chuckle, crafty nanny.. Sounds like you've been busy, must have been lovely in woods with the dogs. Bet you feel better also for having your hair cut. I know I do. With this move coming out of the blue, I had to wait 6 weeks longer than I normally do & it drove me nuts. The previous cut had been so very short some parts I had to let it go quite a few weeks so new lady could get a decent cut in it, but I did not intend it to be so long. I've found a lady who did it to my liking so will keep with her. We are a few miles away from where we lived before & everyone is friendly. Lots of animal lovers so quite a few dogs &  cats around. It is sunny today & a bit warmer. Last Saturday & the Saturday previous to that it turned very cold, icy wind which went right through you. Snow fell on parts of hills & in Snowdonia but soon started thawing. A shame weather is due to become colder at the weekend. People at work could do with some sunshine at weekends. Have a good afternoon & evening everyone.

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Afternoon ladies I'm sitting at the table in front of my south facing bay window and the sun is streaming in - its gorgeous (sorry if I'm making you jealous )


Managed to do some knitting this morning  :)


After lunch DH cut the grass and removed covers off our table and chairs on the decking.  I thought I better help so I give the decking a good brushing then DH swilled it down.


For some reason at nursery they kept her for 2 hours must be going to build the time up so now she's here with me.

At least I won't get withdrawal symptoms  :lol:


I am really wanting to start my quilt soon but I have a few wips I really need to finish. I'm being really good for once. That way I wont feel too guilty about starting the quilt  ;)


Better go and play with madam


Catch you later

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Wow..chatty crafters today..lovely to read..so many can't remember. .sorry !


Bought fabric for a jacket.couldn't find.dusky pink but have got a matching green..a slightly lighter shade than background of dress fabric and only £2.in outdoor market..it smells a bit foisty so it's now on a steam refresh program in my washing machine. .worth a try . The beads I ordered this morning have been despatched so all systems go.


Made a gemstone necklace for my.cousin. .just tried to post a picture but my phone says no.


I'll try on tablet

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