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Me once again!


Things just got a bit fraught between me and DF with everything that's happened over the past 18 months but we're much better now :) He's been a great help with the girls too lately.


Linda I've emailed you a little something ;)

Goose roll on me time!  Hopefully you will get to see Sophie later if she's not too tired from her 3 hrs at nursery :D

Thanks Eliza - hope you enjoy Leeds too ^_^


Shhh, I've done a bit more of my doll's hair in between HW. 

Speak later x

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Good afternoon to you all. Sorry to have been away so long but had trouble with passwords but Rachel has helped me, plus we have moved. We were on warden assisted flat list for 11 years due to DHs breathing & heart problems. Finally moved in a few weeks ago & we're just getting straight. I have finished blue jumper I was knitting for myself & am now on a cherry red long cardie for myself. Will then go back to kitting for charity. Have also done x-stitching projects too, I do the x-stitching evenings. I will catch up with you all in time but hope everyone is OK. Take care, hope to be on regularly now as I have missed you all.

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Hi Stitchybluebell - good to hear you're getting sorted since your move.  I had to wait 2 weeks for the internet to be switched on when I moved.  You soon realise how much you use it when you don't have it!


I'm being naughty here and nipping on again.  Off to work soon.  They took our sizes for our uniforms yesterday so hopefully I'll get mine soon.  I do get fed up of deciding what to wear each day plus a uniform will save my own clothes ^_^


Have a great afternoon all!

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Good to see your back stitchybluebell glad you are settling in your new home and that your DH. Is hopefully coping with his breathing etc.


I just made a lamb casserole and settling back to watching a bit of snooker, I shouldn't really as there is so many other things for me to do. But in my defence this world snooker championship is only on once a year. So I will be popping on here now and again to see what you are all doing.

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Good news su2ie, I did wonder why you never mentioned him but was afraid to ask I case it was bad news, so pleased for you


Linda I use fuseable webbing it's much easier and quicker on the applique,


I too have that crochet doll book but think it's beyond my capabilities, basic granny squares I can do


Eliza you enjoy the steak tonight , we are going for ours also and my large glass of wine of course, your busy with craft ,let us see pics of jewellery when done


I think Sophie might be tired Denise, is she happy to go to nursery, niamh has decided she wants to change to a school that doesn't teach numbers or give her homework lol


Sun Shining here been to woods with dogs and had my hair cut

Stopped off for coffee and a scone, so now a quick tidy in house, have a good afternoon all


Welcome back stitchybluebell

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