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A bit silly this morning,  :wacko: spent 5 minutes thinking why can't I post then realised I wasn't logged in.  I was thinking it was something to do with all the spam that it popping up.


I have just been shopping, beads in pinks/greys/clear all semi-precious and swarkoski crystals, I want to make some jewellery for the wedding I am going to and also thought I'd make my cousin a necklace as its her birthday next week,  they going to be very mixed bead ones, I saw one in a shop the other day and they wanted £175 for it, although guess a lot of work in them, I'm thinking I can sit in the garden to make mine, - yes summer is coming I'm sure  ;) need to do my cousins straight away, I may even look and see if I have enough beads in my stock and make a start before new stuff comes. Jewellery making another first for a while, hope my hands are steady enough.   :huh:  trouble with shopping on-line I tend to add more than I need, not good at judging, but I can always make a matching bracelet - only spent £24 so a bargain.


Love the quilts that are being posted, I have just emptied a large shelve in our bedroom to use as a linen/quilt store, I have more than I need so I thought store some and then ring the changes, so far I have one in there but I need to do a tidy so I may have a think about which to move, now summer is here? :lol:  we live in hope, some crochet throws I was using are going up to the care home.  I did a bit on my hexy one last night but the quilt as I go I have cut out is sat there as I'm busy being a dressmaker on my sewing machine.  I packed all the strips in a box last night as they were piled on sofa bed I have in there, my friend laughs at me as I store everything in boxes, she says I am too tidy  :huh: , I also recently bought a book called Cartonnage, it has instructions for making fabric covered boxes, no idea when I will get the time to have a go at that, so many crafts so little time  :blink:  no wonder I get mixed up.


My turquoise dress is coming on well, wish I could lose a bit more tummy as it is quite fitted,


Going to Leeds today, I will look at the big fabric stall in the market and see if she has any dusky pink to make a short boxy jacket, which reminds me I need to check my pattern, then we are meeting our daughter in a certain pub for a steak tea, :)  her hubby's working late tonight, 


Well crafty people I need a cuppa and my morning pills, I'm sat in spare bedroom we use as an office, not ventured on the stairs yet.


Keep crafting  :D


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Morning :)


Phew Eliza!  You sound so busy today!!!  Have fun :P


I went down with a migraine last night so fell asleep on the sofa after I took my meds, woke up at 11.30pm and went to bed!  Before that I'd made a start on doing my crochet dolls hair.  She's looking very sweet ^_^ Will try to post a picture later.


Not much going on for me today except HW, work and maybe a bit of crafting in between.


Anyway must go and organise the girls.  Need to tie their hair up before school.


Keep crafting!

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Good morning another day of sunshine, goose from your question last night re quilt, the white under the scarfe is material that I backed on the bonnet lady it has pins in it as I have yet to zig zag stitch the scarfe to the White material then cut as close to the zig zag stitch the White material then I can applique the lady on to a long panels of. 3 ladies.


Su2ie are these migraines caused by stress or your diet, have doctors given you any solutions? Hope you are feeling better.


Eliza you are full of ideas again, sitting out in the garden sounds a good plan , I need to get my suitcase packed ready for Thursday and a four hour train journey.

Then craft away and flatten more bunting.


So going to have breakfast and start the day.BBL

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Hello me again :)


Linda my migraines are normally hormonal and as a lady of a certain age my hormones are all over the place :ph34r: The cluster headaches are more stress induced.  Waiting to get an appointment to see a neurologist but as with everything there's a waiting list...  Made docs appointment for Ellie for tomorrow as she keeps getting a pain in one eye with no sign of anything wrong with it.  Hope she's not getting migraines too...  Linda your applique sounds complicated :lol: I bet it will look fantastic when its completed.


I'm going to sneak in a bit of good news.  DF has moved in with us so we're a proper family again.  I'm so very chuffed :P


Right I'm going to finish my cuppa before attempting the ghastly housework.


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Morning all at long last the sun is shining - a tad nippy but that doesn't matter.


Bit HW then me time to knit crochet whatever takes my fancy  :)


Sophie is at nursery 3 hours this afternoon and I don't know if she will come to see me after or just go home with her mam and dad - we'll see.


Eliza  as usual you're full of busy. Enjoy Leeds market.


Linda thanks for explaining about white material. Is that to give it a bit stability? If so would it be easier to iron on interfacing instead then zig zag to main fabric  I'm interested so when - I stress when -  I start mine I'll have lots of useful tips.


Su2ie pleased to hear about DF :wub: . Must admit I was wondering about him as you hadn't mentioned him in a while - thought it was sad news and you had broke up


Keep on smiling - it takes less muscles than frowning - have a lovely day


Take care

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Great news Su2ie, and a greater help with the girls, I hope he is doing well. Everything is happening for you, with a job and the books coming along hope you get an appointment soon


The quilt isn't really complicated as I had made the bonnet ladies about 2years ago it would s just laying the panels out and making the back ground squares.


It is such a nice day out there that I put the last of the washing in the machine and will be putting it out soon. The net is up in the poly tunnel ready for growing the melon and the blossom is out on the Asian pears and the plum trees.


May the craft be with you. Hello Denise our posts came together I made the bonnet ladies about 2years ago and didn't think about iron on fusible webbing so did it that way. The new bonnet ladies are did in February were cut out and put on the squares straight away and the zig zag stitch keeps them from fraying. And of course I used pins so your way would be the best idea. I like to make the squares as a quilt as you go , then you have the backing on there already as well as being able to twist and turn the square for applique, instead of having to stuff the whole quilt through the machine.

I hope you start soon.

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