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I love cotton batting Liz but yes expensive. .I listened in to 2 ladies and quilt chat the otherday and one lady said she used a white fleece blanket From Ik** £3 not sure what I think but I'm tempted..a risk though as a lot of work before you see if it works...I wonder? she used it as true wadding - centre of 3 layer sandwich..


Right off to dry pots hubby just washed..we've just had sunday lunch..a bit late but very nice.

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I used an ik** cheap fleece once Eliza when I ran out of batting ,in middle of back and front fabric, it's ok but not very firm like cotton batting, in an emergency it worked as I am 50 miles from fabric shop and the round trip not worth the time and the cost for one item, I don't drive so need hubby to take me, I mostly shop online


linda loving your quilting, it's very effective, mine is basic, can I have lessons from you ..get the jet fueled up for tomorrow, I will put the kettle on


Going to do some applique tonight another lap quilt, Christmas one for myself


Dog keeps coming over to me for cuddles, I think she knows she is in disgrace, " sorry mummy " she says


Still dry and sunny here but strong winds and very chilly

Keep being crafty

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Liz the jet is in for a service but I shall be over in the helicopter a bit slower but I'll be there for a cuppa. I go to my daughter Elizabeth on Thursday. I am looking forward to the Welsh wool festival on Saturday. Who knows what I shall buy.


It's cold down here we have had 2 frosty mornings and John has covered the plants in fleece. Back to watching antiques road show.

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Linda and Liz loving the quilts.


Linda probably a daft question but why is there white what appears to be paper under yellow scarf?


Its bedtime for me so off me me tablets then away I go to a lovely warm bed - DH already in bed and he lies on my side watching tv until I I go to bed, he's like a hot water bottle  ;)


Goodnight all

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