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Morning glad others commented on the site I thought it was me doing something wrong..I got a bit stubborn and was determined to work out why..lol..a bit like I am with the dress sleeve. .I have only had this "it won't beat me" streak recently I think it must be a side effect of my fuzzy brain.


Not sure what I'm going to do today..we need to order our groundfloor shower room suite but hubbys not said anything and I'm dreading all the work starting .. so we wait and hope a bathroom fairy comes along.


I watched the 8.00 quilting programme yesterday and was inspired to make a trapunto quilted clutch bag..although in true Eliza style it will differ as I will add a short strap as I can't do with carrying it..we have a family wedding in July so once my dress is decided on and I know what colour I want for acessories.. needs to be big enough to hold tiny toys to pull out as granny treats to occupy Sophia and Harry especially Harry during the speeches.. I saw some finger torches wish I'd bought he has a thing about torches hope I can find them again.


Nice to hear about the lady at work who sews Suzie. .I think more of us are coming out of the closet...a while back it was "erg homemade - why" but now it's getting more "oh handmade - nice" our village craft group is still doing well.. some just come a few times but others are there a lot also a team of live at home helpers have set up their own group to make things to try and raise funds called "chatty crafters" wonder where that name came from? They have knitted daffodils on sale in a few shops..it's s very good group.. they do a lot of things to combat loneliness. .my 90 year old friend gets visits from them..it's quite funny as her main visitor is herself well into her 80's and my friend phones her about half an hour after she leaves to make sure she got safely home.


Well I've rambled on again.


Be crafty.

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Morning :)


Eliza don't worry about rambling - its nice to read!  Pity there weren't many groups around here.  My mum goes to one but its smack bang in the middle of school collection time & now I'm at work even more impossible.  The other one's at lunchtime but another no go with work.  Hope the shower fairy does pay you a visit :P


Goose I think many people may already have left judging by the lack of posts in other sections of the forum.  I think the knitty section is the only one that's busy!  Even the crafty challenges have died a death & CB used to put one on every month...


Anyhow we're getting ready for the school run here.  It's overcast but dry right now.  I've read through my editing from yesterday but barely scraped 2 pages! :blink: I'm thinking of reading short sections and making notes on how to improve it.


Have a great day everyone x

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Morning ladies. Don't know if I'm allowed to put this here but hey why not  :ph34r:


Go to www.createandcraft.tv spend over £10 and enter promo code PRIM10 you get £10 off. It's a first come first served thing. I  just bought 7 balls of Stylecraft DK. With my extra discount as a member and no P+P it cost me the grand total of 74p.


Could you resist this bargain  ;)


Anyway that has cheered me up.


Eliza I look forward to your posts rambling or not I enjoy reading them  :)


Su2ie have passed my feelings on to HQ about forum and mentioned lack of posts by members and that I felt a lot of members had left. Can you blame them. Think the forum isn't a priority anymore.

I missed the challenges they set up etc


Just waiting for Sophie. We are making buns this morning then after she has been to nursery we well she will decorate them

She starts the full 3 hours tomorrow as she seems to have settled in fine.


Have a lovely day


Take care

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Thanks for that Denise re the forum I feel we have been forgotten about also no monthly swaps, which I miss, I know the HQ don't set that up, but I do miss it.


Where would we all go to chat daily if the forum is not looked after. Any way good morning all the sun is shinning the washing is out and the tulips are blooming, for me it is snooker as well.


Su2ie if you get the editing over and done with just think how much writing you will enjoy knowing that book is on its way to completion. I hate HW but feel good when it's done and the time is mine to enjoy.


Just watched Stuart Hilliard on c &c sewing a quilt he will be back at 2pm I love him such a calming personality.


Well Ronnie O'Sullivan is about to come on tv so will be back later be crafty I am flattening bunting.

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Double thanks Goose.  I'd not want to lose the forum or everyone on here.  Will take a gander at the offer as there's some stylecraft yarn I'd like to buy!  Have fun making buns with Sophie!


Linda what you say makes sense - just need to stay focused.  I've got a book called "The Emotion Thesaurus" so I'm using that to help me.  After I posted this morning I swapped a few scenes around to affect the flow of the 1st chapter.  I'll get there!  BTW, how much bunting have you got left to flatten? :blink:


Right best get on again although I really could do with a coffee :ph34r:


Oh and before I go, can anyone tell me what's the use of selling toy eyes in packs of 25?  Too "odd" for my liking ;)


ETA Goose I tried the code but it didn't work for me.  I wonder if you have to be a member of their club?  I've signed up with them but not paid the £20 membership so maybe this is why it doesn't work.  Ah well, it was worth a try.

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They are having a break in snooker so looking around here, I have flattened 240 bunting have around 600to do. I have the red riding hook book, so may make the doll nearer Christmas. I also found my machine sewing instruction book and thought I would get out one of the wedding quilt squares and use the free machine embroidery foot and material holder and see if I can do it from the instruction book.


Oh ronnies back again must go.

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