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Morning crafters


Nice to have been in my own bed last night. .we struggled getting house warm after 4 nights with no heat on..good I had a quilt to snuggle under while watching tv.


On reflection the lodge was not in itself bad it was silly things..the sofa was too low for creaky knees but guess that wasn't a fault as such.. it badly needed new cups and plates..table mats were very tatty looking. .cheap ones that were peeling..when you see how cheap these things are in supermarkets no excuse..sofa would have improved with a few cushions. . What annoyed me most was the £100 damage deposit I paid which was a joke as I got it back without them checking lodge .? One day I watched the cleaner in lodge opposite she had a baby and a 3ish year old with her..no wonder she cut corners..I admire working mums but to me that wasn't right...on checking out I said everything is cleaner now than when we arrived..right grumpy old woman rant over. A few years ago we were on holiday with daughter an SiL.. got key to a caravan when we got there a guy was shampooing carpet and said you can come in..carpet was still wet and place smelt of vomit..we went to reception and they gave us another key..that had cigarette ash on worktops and in sink and a damp patch on mattress .back again a 3rd key and that hadn't even been cleaned ..beds unmade etc..sucess with key 4 and we had a top grade van that was spotless. SiL said to hubby is it save to unload car now or should we give inspectors chance to double check..


Have to food shop first job but then I will craft..finish off the restyled brown dress..look and see how to join all the patchwork flowers I joined on holiday..may cut out pattern for a new dress..I'm sure summer will arrive and I'm determined to rediscover my feminine side this year..last few years I've worn nothing but trousers.


My besties son is in Japan..I've not asked her if she's heard from him since I heard news of earthquake as she's not said anything I'm not sure if she'd not seen news and I don't want to cause her to worry. ..bit of a dilemma.. sure he'll be okay


My cousin couldn't start radiotherapy as she started being sore around op site and Thursday had to go for emergency appointment and has cellulitus.. all one side of her torso now swollen and bright red..she's taking antibiotics. .it's 6 weeks since her op..she is very ill with it..we chatted on phone yesterday afternoon and ended up ls laughing about things although she sounded worn out. Think it has really depressed her this time. .she thought radiotherapy would be final bit of her treatment and this is second time it's had to be postponed. .seems this is why they were reluctant to drain the lump as draining can cause deep infection which can cause cellulitus.


Well crafty people..I have read all posts which I enjoyed catching up on ..sadly I can't remember much.


Don't think I told you about naughty little Sophia. .seems at school it's academic work morning and more free on an afternoon and she was bored so she told teacher she was ill..mummy came for her ..Sophia gets up..bye everyone and skipped like Bambi all the way home high on her successful escape plan. . She had to be spoken to and following day back to school and mummy made her confess to teacher and say sorry..not bad at 5 years old and as a one off quite funny. School said it was first time to their knowledge they had this happen. .we have said before she has acting skills. School also said she will get tasks to do in an afternoon in future.


Well cuppa time. .I've rambled on a bit.


Have a lovely day..seems a day to craft..very mixed weather we have a sprinkling of snow but sun peeping out if I Iook left.although black sky to the right.


Keep crafting

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Good morning Eliza and all, lovely having you back and reading your posts Eliza, looking forward to hearing about your crafty makes .


We have sunshine here in the south east but still a nip in the air. This morning I shall be watching the world snooker championships and at the same time flattening all of the bunting that has been made for the wedding ready to have the tape sewen on. So will be productive when watching snooker.


Well must get ready with ironing board etc so BBL.

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Morning ladies weather dry here at the moment.i have been looking for a free pattern online to make a patchwork skirt for myself as my aunt gave me some fabric cut offs and I have some fabric over from making caravan curtains I am a beginner at sewing so don't no what it will turn out like.this is a picture of what I would like to make.x


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Like the skirt Lisa should be an easy make. Good luck.


How much bunting did you make seem to remember a big number. I always have tv on if I stand near the ironing board..


My friends son is not in earthquake area.


Just been food shopping..sunshine and showers now..can't decide what I want to craft.


A coffee and slice of toast while I think..

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Lovely skirt Lisa just the sort I like, ELISA jades mother-in-law to be has made over 500, there needs to be 300 meters , this morning I ironed 65'. Having a break to go and make dinner. I can do one a minute. So lots to do. Linda X


Lisa if you do 10 inch squares in a line , count how many you want from that picture. Then gather each tier top one in to waist band second tier gather evenly in to top tier , third tier gathered in to second lot then hem and you have a skirt.


Sounds easy but that's the way I would do it. Perhaps it's not? Right of to see to dinner.

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Afternoon ladies we have had a mixed old bag today so far..  It is nippy and we have had light rain heavy rain sleety snow and 2 lots of hailstones and now sun is shining.


Been out to do food shopping and a couple of other messages so I'm in for the day now


DS has asked me to do some samples of kumihimo and shamballa so he can take some pics and upload them to eb*y  (see my signature  ;) )


DIL has a cousin in Japan but thankfully he is ok.


Eliza nice to have you back I look forward to your posts


Linda hope you get bunting sorted quickly then you can carry on with your other wip's


Lisa skirt looks pretty and will be a good way to use up all those cut offs.


Whatever you do today hope you enjoy yourself


Take care

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