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Hi all. Just thought I'd tell you that I emailed Sirdar to point out an error in one of their patterns.  They later got back to me and said I was right and they will reprint future patterns with the correct instruction.  Thought I might of got a freebie out of it but, sadly, no.  This is the first time I have come across a commercial pattern with a mistake in it.  There have been a lot in knitting mags. Has anyone else come across this?

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Linda my doll is just a normal one from "My Knitted Doll".  There are loads of outfits to make for her too.  Your book looks very intriguing!


Linda the blanket looks fantastic!


Annie what a pity they didn't give you something for alerting them.  I recall finding mistakes in a commercial pattern many years ago but can't remember what it was for lol.


Anyhow, night night everyone!

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Nice to hear you had a nice birthday Liz.


Lisa love the throw the colours match the fabrics lovely


Annie I used to test patterns for wool companies before they were printed so definitely an error at the printers and not the designer.  Well spotted Miss Marple  ;)  :P


Linda the tail on mermaid looks intriguing


Su2ie is the crochet book with lots of outfits?  If so believe it or not some sellers on Amaz* n are selling it for £32  :o


Bedtime for me so goodnight all

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