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Afternoon ladies


Firstly happy birthday Liz hope you are enjoying it


Its another dull day theres about 5 spots of rain on the window - don't think it knows what it wants to do.


Made a couple of cards with Sophie - one for mam and one for dad - and had a couple of kits to make little hand puppets. I sewed them together and Sophie stuck scarves eyes nose hats etc on them.

Nursery this afternoon for an hour and a half for her then DS will bring her back to mine - keep some sort of routine in place until she goes for the full 3 hours.


Need to tidy up toys, have a cuppa and sort out a salad for dinner. Then a bit hooky as usual  ;)


Eliza what a contrast indoors and out doors such a shame


Sounds like everyone is into a bit crafting today and poor Su2ie off to work this afternoon.


Have a good day whatever you do


Take care

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Evening :)


And I'm back from work :D  I don't mind work really, goes so fast as its busy and a perk is to get to keep any interesting stamps I come across so the girls have now started stamp collecting.


Goose it sounds like your day has been very full of busy!  Enjoy your hooky :P


Well I've been bidding for some yarn online and I was the only bidder so I've won 8 x100g of blue banana yarn for £5.99!  The girls want to know if you can eat it :lol:


Going to relax now - hopefully and might get a bit of hooky in myself.  Have a great evening everyone x

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Hi everyone, thank you for all the birthday wishes

I have had a lovely day, been ten pin bowling with my 2daughters and hubby and niamh, great fun and we ate there too, got some boozy presents and flowers and a coffee machine

What a change from last year


Nice to see you,knitting mummy, how are you


Hope you are safe home Eliza we have had snow showers today

More forcast,


I will be cutting fabric tonight hope you are all crafty

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Happy birthday knitting mummy I hope you had a lovely day too.


Su2te are you making a mermaid doll, mine is From the creative crochet doll book, and the pic below I have luceted the tale and crocheted the body and head so far.


I love ten pin bowling CN glad you had a good time are you waiting a few more weeks for your results.?



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