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Sounds heavy rain.. I will read up on posts tonight when I get home the fluttery signal is not good.


It's a strange place the grounds are beautiful water features topiary in flower beds with hanging baskets on posts all immaculate and yet the lodges are really poor.. nice lodge but shabby...4 beds but 3 dining chairs. .hardly any cups plates pans . A dishwasher you can't use as not enough crockery nice bedding and towels but sofa cushion have gone..a trip to Ik** would soon sort it even the drinking glasses are all odd .. a top of the range hot tub you go in bathroom and even I spot a tube of filler would quickly improve the look..strange.


Signal fluctuations are happening again so I leave you until I get home

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Happy birthday CN I too noticed you didn't post yesterday how are you well I hope.


Dull and raining here today , such a change from yesterday when I sat out on the swings seat. Maybe we will get sunshine this afternoon. I am crocheting a mermaid doll from my new book. Another day's work and she will be finished.


It will be good to see you posting long inspiring posts Eliza once you are back home safe journey .


I just had a cuppa so it's back to crafting have a good day all hope you get some sunshine.

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Afternoon all :)


Happy Birthday Liz!!!!


Been busy again - as at my sister's all yesterday morning teaching her how to use her new sewing machine.  She's well chuffed as she managed to turn up some net curtains for her kitchen.  I've given her a book to borrow with simple home sewing ideas in it to inspire her :)


Today I've met up with my eldest son for a coffee and a chat, then home to do a bit of HW before work.  Not getting very far though...


Eliza sounds very odd with the mix of quality hot tub and not so chic shabby... Safe journey home.


Nice to see you knitting mummy - hope you're keeping well :)

Hello to Lisa too!


Linda which book are you doing your mermaid from?  My doll now has half a head and 1 1/2 legs :blink: :lol:


Right best get on.  Have a good, hopefully not too wet, crafty day folks x

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