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Losing signal so a quick hello.


Site manager passed yesterday and I invited him to look in lodge. .he pretends to be surprised. . Sent a lady down who put eveything in dishwasher..lets just say we won't be here again..the site is lovely. .grounds are very well tended water features . hanging baskets etc but part is residential so guess double standards.


Hope crafty time being had

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Hello ELISA glad you got something done about your holiday let, I wouldn't visit there again either can't stand mucky kitchen stuff.


Morning all my chunky wool arrived yesterday so I got on with the weaving jacket nearly ready for the chunky knitting needles as one and a half fronts woven and back done will sew together and do the yoke.


Went on the Internet and bought some more crafty bits like sandy and pale blue chunky yarn to weave another jacket or even a tuffet. A crochet flat doll book, and a wooden Lucet tool with advanced booklet to inspire me. I am really naughty I must cut down on the crafting retail therapy.


I am getting hungry now John has just cooked himself a bacon and egg breakfast the aroma is lovely. Partial blue skies going food shopping later, may the craft be with you. Linda x

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Morning all another damp misty miserable morning.


DH gone for a swim so a quick bit of HW - not much as we did it all yesterday then some knitting or hooky not sure what I'll be doing.


Eliza good that you pointed out state of lodge so you can't be blamed. Hope it hasn't spoiled your little break away


Linda naughty naughty  :lol: hope you aren't forgetting the wedding quilt and other bits for wedding.  Probably a daft question but was is a flat crochet doll - is it just the shape of body outline?


Have a good day off to do floors


take care

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Morning just.


I've been stuck in yesterday and today as I'm waiting on deliveries! My best mates hen do on Saturday so its bits for that! Theme gangster (think gatsby), and venue is dream boys ;)


I feel bad on the boys as although we have been out everyday I hate having them cooped up especially since the sun is shining here.


I have t-bags yay! Lol. Little things in life.


My cardigan is not playing ball! I did it once before, but for some reason the pattern isn't coming out right? :(


Tempted to leave it for a later date as frogged and re done 4 times now!


See something else I can do instead to restore my faith and to regain my sanity!!!


Eliza- its a shame when the little details are not taken care of when it sounds like it is a lovely place


Stakreem- sounds like you have kitted yourself out ;)


Goose- i've done most of the house too. I think being out alot has kept it clean with 3 boys :D

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Denise. The crochet doll is mainly a tube, or a cone shape or flat the book has just arrived and is very inspiring, every thing in it I want to make it is by Noreen crone-Finlay. She is the lady who also does weaving on peg loom. Here are pics below I recommend the book highly. I am going to spend the afternoon looking through it. I haven't forgotten the wedding quilt it will be finished soon. Enjoy your hooky, and I got this book from A. Z. N. It is used but looks brand new.




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Hello it's glorious here in Robin Hood county and has been all day. i just have to fnish a couple of big accounts (been working all weekend) and then it's ten days off. Having a week in Jersey at my friends bit a bit of a busmans holiday (in a nicer place though) as I will be auditing and finalising her accounts. Lisa and Leah are joining me for a few days while Dan gets some peace to finish his latest assignment for another degree he is doing.


Eliza I can't blame you for being annoyed about the cleanliness of your cabin. You should have taken some photos and then when you get home email or write a complaint to the MD of the company, you may get a part refund in exchange.

I hope it hasn't spoilt your enjoyment of the holiday to much.


You put me to shame with your weaving Linda, my peg looms are still gathering dust until I can unearth some very thick yarn in a box somewhere to have another go at it. You will need an extension to your house if you buy many more crafty bits lol.


I hope your dh enjoyed his swim Denise, I really need to go swimming with it being the best body supported exercise you can have. Did Sophie enjoy her first hour at nursery? its one of the best things out, Leah although sociable has come n leaps and bounds since she has been at preschool and it gives you a couple of hours p&q. I love the photo of Sohie, she is beautiful.


Fi I think I would put the knitting you are doing away for a bit, do something else and come back to it when the boys are back at school. I used to leave all but the worst cleaning while my lot were on school holidays, take them out or do something at home then do a massive clean when they went back. True friends and family understand that you can't have a show house with children. One friend said she kept a few get well cards on the side incase anyone just dropped in when her five kids were off school lol. Enjoy them now as they will it won't be cool to do things with mum soon enough.


Going to do a bit more work,

Take care all xx

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