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Morning..no WiFi data really slow and just lost long message.


Lodge okay but not luxury as advertised..not shabby chic just shabby but beds clean although tonight I will try one of the single ones as the double was a back aching experience. .hot tub nice..cups and plates were not washed well so re washed what we need. But it's okay for 4 nights.


I have an easy read novel and I've put tog 5 patchwork flowers and yesterday I bought a dress length in pretty blue for £2.


Have read all your posts and enjoyed them well apart from the parking and yes some nasty people out there..I got called an f***** moran last week by a driver who took a corner so fast he mounted footpath ..he got out of his car banging door shouting..hubby was at shop over road didn't know I was involved..did you hear that he said..I told him it was.aimed at me later in the day..the nasty driver was in a mood as he drove off tyres screeching while shouting at a lady he'd dropped off. I went home and crafted calmly.


Have a good day all..off in hot tub soon.

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Morning :)


Eliza sounds like you need to complain over the shabby lodge!  Feel for you getting shouted at too.  Seem to be a lot of people out there without common decency :unsure: When I first moved to Ireland it took a long time to start looking at people instead of avoiding eye contact (people out there are a lot friendlier to strangers).  Seems now I'm back in the UK I've got to learn not to look at people again.  So sad...


Anyhow I did start to make a doll from my new book last night.  Can't find any brown wool for her hair though so need to buy some.  Oh and we had some new people start at work yesterday so I'm not one of the newest anymore :P


Right best get on as I need to do the girls' hair for school.


Speak later folks x

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Just caught up on yesterdays posts


Suz- oh what rotters! It's one shoddy person not all so look away!


Goose- love the peppa pig selection I bet she was over the moon, and your lunch sounded lush.


Craftie nannie- they're adorable :). How old os she? I would say coloiring in, at home science experients, teach her a craft, board game.. If happy to venture out. Cinema, indoor play centre.

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Morning from a miserable wet Newcastle. Seems whenever we have a lovely day (sunday) we pay for it by having a few yuck days  :(


Another highlight for Sophie today - she starts nursery. DS has been pushing them for ages about getting a place. She is starting for just an hour at first to get her used to it then it will be 3 hours each afternoon.


So going to miss her but I hope I have helped give her a good start in learning.


Eliza some drivers are so impatient and can be really rude , there's no need for it. Obviously he took his frustration out on you.  As Su2ie said I would complain about state of lodge.


Susie I think its sod law when we need a particular colour we have everyone but the right one  :unsure:  Hope the parking problem gets sorted amicably


Love2 I have replied on your other post about your cardigan.


Liz I only know colours of Celtic  :mellow:


Off to finish HW, have a cup of coffee then do some hooky.


Hope you all have a positive day


Take care

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Hello again!


Not long back from shopping - feel like I've walked miles!  One parking space left when I got back...  I don't think it will ever be sorted.  The woman across from us has a car and 2 sons with cars, the people next to her have 2 cars.  There are four properties that are supposed to share our little parking area but its abused by residents living further away...


Fi I can't believe you forgot your teabags!  I'm crocheting the doll.  Maybe I should go for a wild hair colour?  You have to do the scalp in the same colour as the wool you're using for the hair.


Goose I think you will have done a brilliant job preparing Sophie for nursery.  She's growing up fast bless her :)


Right think I'd better finish putting the shopping away and get the kettle on!

Bye for now x

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