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Had a lovely shellfish soup for dinner but had to leave some as it was very rich. It came with a slice of sourdough bread and I had a side of parmesan and rosemary fries.  As they sold alcohol I just had to have a half pint of Heineken extra cold.......   all in all really enjoyed it.


Sophie gone home now with her menagerie - Peppa and George, baby lion and Mr Lion - all go to bed with her  :lol:


Chicken sweet and sour for tea later followed by some hooky and corrie


Enjoy your evening

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Evening ladies,

Our schools are still on holiday too, so I have had niamh today and for the rest of this week, we were at the play park and out for coffee, she goes home at 3.30, when her mum finishes work


Here is pic of my baby knits for my niece, she is having a little boy


Love pippa pig Denise, niamh still takes heaps of soft toys to bed

Especially the tom and jerry that I knitted her


Glad you feel better su2ie, do the girls need childcare after school


Linda are you back into your quilt again yet, or is it c to c blanket taking priority


Fi any indoor activity ideas I can use if weather still bad this week whilst I have niamh she is 7yrs old I hate her sitting playing games on tablet

She has gone off baking


Hope lodge is lovely Eliza and that the weather is kind to you





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Evening all :)


I'm a bit fed up.  Popped to the shops after work, glanced at a woman I thought looked upset and she said "what does she think she's staring at, condescending bi**h". I was actually worried about her, realised after what she said it was her normal scowling face.  Hurt my feelings.  What's the world coming to when you can't even look at someone, especially when you're concerned?  Then when I got home it was to find all the parking spaces were taken and a woman got out of her car and ran off way up the street through the rain.  Doesn't even live close by!  I put a "friendly" note on her window but it will probably cause me a load of bother...


Linda your c to c is coming along lovely!  I'm afraid I only have 2 of the books finished.  The 3rd is finished but needs editing though.


Goose your lunch sounded lovely and don't blame you having a half ;)


Liz love your makes :P  My girls' dad normally looks after them while I'm at work and my parent's are on standby too.


Right I'd best try and relax although now I'm worrying about the neighbours...

Have a good evening all x

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Lovely makes Liz is football set done in Celtic colours by any chance?


Su2ie we have inconsiderate neighbours too when it comes to parking.  We have a car park in the street that holds about 8 cars and a couple always park outside my house if they can't park outside their own. Even when there is space on car park which is opposite my house  :angry:  As you say what is the world coming to these days - no respect.


Having an early night as I have done nothing but yawn since I got back from lunch. I know my tablets can cause drowsiness but this is siilly.


Goodnight ladies

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It's so annoying Goose as we have a small car park for our little area down a side street & the people from neighbouring streets use it as an overflow if their area is full.  We can only fit 6 cars max but their area takes around 20!  I took my polite note off her car because I'm worried about repercussions having dealt with unreasonable people in the past.  She saw where I lived (had to double park to unload the kids out the car before being forced to park on the path on the bend) and you never know how vindictive people might be toward you.  I was once driven out of my home many years ago by a psychopath...  I guess you know where I'm coming from if you're suffering too!


I suppose I'd better get to bed too as it's very late.  Speak tomorrow folks x

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