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Good morning crafters


Case packed. .patchwork and crochet..an easy read novel and a bottle of wine. .sorted.


Doesn't feel as cold this morning we had a thick frost yesterday . Then a beautiful day although still too chilly to sit out but had a few strolls in the garden..hubby has worked hard getting it back into shape..it got quite ignored last year as we were expecting builders but they were very good..only one bush broken and hubby had pulled up a patio as didn't want the block paving damaging and towards the end 3 builders here work only for 2 so the boss said do you want patio doing I've seen paving at rear of garden and he did a lovely job and no charge ..I enjoyed doing it and was here anyway as were materials I needed. . A nice bonus.


I hope everybody is well. .has time to craft..not sure if we will have a signal while we are away..if we have I will check in but if not make sure your all crafty.

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Have a great time ELISA, when you get back I hope you have a wealth of ideas to share .


Good morning all its a bit chilly this morning weather coming from the south and east. A great young Yorkshireman Danny Willet won the golf masters and a green jacket. Lee Westwood another Britt second.


Well the sun is trying to come out and I'll be crocheting today. Have a good day and be crafty.

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The boys are still off this week so I got a little lie in til 9am. They wake about 8.30 and all climb in bed with me :D

We are all fed and i've cleared up. On my last t-bag :(


Will knit a few rows while having my last cuppa then we will be off to the shops and park for a bit before lunch!


Eliza - have a great time

Stakreem - enjoy crafting.

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Sophie just gone home with her dad so I need to get ready as I am off out for lunch with two friends. We do this every 4 weeks and each time it seems to come round quicker - probably a sign of old age  :lol:


Hers a surprise I had for Sophie this morning


post-273626-0-53679200-1460371697_thumb.jpg    two little cuties her favourites


post-273626-0-28167200-1460371746_thumb.jpg  I think she loves them



I have all the bits to make Daddy and Mammy Pig so will get started on that tomorrow.


Eliza have a lovely few days away


Linda its a bit nippy here too. Enjoy your crocheting - is it the C2C blanket?


Love2 enjoy the park hope you don't get too tired  ;)


have a good day everyone




Take care

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Afternoon :)


Have to say I did have difficulty trying to get on here yesterday after my first couple of posts...


Anyway my girls are back at school today.  The school run was a mare though as traffic was backed up to turn right out of our junction at home so I did a left and took an alternative route.  I'm off to work in just over an hour so will get some lunch shortly.


Antibiotics are working but giving me an upset stomach.  At least I sit down at work for the most part so hopefully I'll be okay.


Got a crochet doll book through the post this morning.  Searched around and got it for £5 with free postage.  A lot of places were selling it for double plus postage so feel I've got a bargain :D


Eliza glad to hear your packing is sorted & great bonus with the builders and your patio!


Linda they were saying on Radio 2 about Danny Willet this morning & he sounds like a really nice bloke.


Fi I'm so jealous you have another week off school there - I didn't want to get up early this morning!!  Don't envy you having to go out for more teabags though :blink:


Goose, Sophie looks well chuffed with her new piggy friends :P They're brilliant!


Right best get a wiggle on!


Have a crafty day folks x

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Aah. Sophie looks areal treasure with her piggies , yes Denise it i s the c to c and is 3ft by 2ft 6inches I'm decreasing both so des now so nearly there.


John has planted out the sun flowers and sweet peas, the ground is ready for the beetroot and green cauliflower, nobbley. A cross between a cauliflower and broccolie.


Su2ie do you have more time to write in the morning now how many of the eight books are finished.


Just watching c and c about yarn tussles and clover gadgets, so will sit down now and enjoy.


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