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BGT..wow the 12 year old girl.. I had to sit down what a voice. We were hanging curtains and we both stopped to watch a 12 year old face with an adult voice.


Went to a vintage fair again today..what a load of.dirty creased tat..to be fair it may have had some good things but.. yuk on presentation. . .they advertised it as lots of designer dresses..to me it seemed like a.jumble sale.


Had a meal out and I bought a jacket in House of F for a wedding I'm going to in July. So not a wasted day.


Hope your all happy crafters.

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Hello All. 😄

Been a busy day. Chloe came for a sleepover last night. She didn't want to go home (as usual) She keeps saying.....Just 10 more minutes Nanna. 😄 Eventually left at about 4ish. ðŸ˜

Spent rest of day knitting. 😃

Take care all. x

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Evening ladies.


I'm pooped!!! Yesterday I helped my mate move then we had a bottle or two to celebrate! Head was a liite sore this morning..

I promised to help clean the old place this morning which I did. Then food shop, hw and eashing!


Then I made two curries for dinner this evening. A chicken tikka masala for the boys and a sw chicken curry for me. Mmm it was ok think ill have to try another recipe.


Finally sat down after dinner, and watched a film (movie night) with the boys!!


I haven't even started the pattern at all, as this week has been hectic. I'm thinking ill start tonight or maybe tomorrow after swimming.


Sounds like you have all had busy days!


Suzie- did the dr call you back?


Eliza- sounds like the Dh knows ehats best ;)


Stakreem - love the make its coming along nicely!!


All else- good night

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Hello!  Late one from me :)


The docs did call me back and sent a prescription directly to the chemist so I have antibiotics now.  Went to bed once the girls had their lunch to recuperate and feel better already.


Speak to you all tomorrow! Nighty night xx

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