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crafty nannie


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An early good morning from me

I have been on a roll with my quilt blocks and just noticed the time

So over a cuppa I popped in here and have just seen your photos Lisa

Thank you so much for sharing, I would fancy one if I was younger, we used to have a little motor home just a 2 person one many years ago and I loved it, we took off every weekend with the dogs, now we are retired we can't afford one


Hope everyone has a good day ahead ,here is pic of the dogs getting their bed time biscuit, they were both at the dog groomers the other day


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Morning all.


Love the rv lisa, we used to go camping loads when kids were small and planned on doing more when we retired but arthritis set in and life adjusted.


Liz guess your new dog is settled now. Are you doing all your quilts by hand.. i'm just cutting out more hexs to make a quilt..bigger ones this time..I enjoy being able to pick up and stitch while watching tv..machine sewing although I enjoy it seems a task, sat in comfy chair a relaxing hobby. .easier on creaky joints especially now I'm using the tip given by ? Sorry memory! of rubber fingers, I'm still using cut off fingers from medical gloves but they work. .I forget to order the finger cots, I've been going to update maps on sat nav for months now, even done a note stuck on computer but ... ah well.


I was knitting a lacy waistcoat from cotton ribbon type yarn, didn't like it so now I'm crocheting a satchel type bag with it, will use that as a gift or maybe display at crafters, it only cost me £2 and there is enough for a couple of bags


Think I'm going to drag my back of the mattress and go make a cuppa..I may come back to bed and read.


Have a crafty day

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Hello all, started off sunny but the clouds are slowly taking over and it's really cold , there is a craft programme on Hochanda at 10 o'clock so I will have to watch it on line, I had a letter from Hochanda stating that they hop to be back on the free view channel on the 16th may. Until then I'll be watching on line.


The third series of the musketeers will be showing on BBC at the end of May. My daughter Liz was in the Czech republic last March 2015 and she saw them filming the series in Prague .


I have 3 projects on the go around me and about 25 unfinished up stairs in craft cupboard, and today am expecting my peg weaving loom to come in the post. What am I like. I looked it up on google why do I start things and never finish them. I didn't find no out much except that it might be the sign of being by polar, but I think that is an extreme, my father started a lot of things and never finished them, maybe it is in the genes I do finish projects if they are for some one even if it's the last minute and half of that it is done.


Well the sun is out again I better get on with changing the beds and getting the washing out. Enjoy your day.

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This morning I weighed in at SW and lost 4.5lbs! Pretty pleased! Then I was going to take the boys to the park, but it was raining :( so went and brought some rolls, and a treat for the boys as they sat so patiently through my 1.5 hour long group!!


Tidying and decreasing today then I will be carrying on with my cardigan. ;)


Boys are fed and happy untill dinner :D


Craftie nannie- I JUST made it home yesterday and 5 mins later the heavens opened BIG TIME! It was my late nonnas birthday yesterday so kinda think she had something to do with it :)


Stakreem! - you are funny 25 WIPS!!!! I have def done that, but now refuse to go above 3 although contemplating a 4th loooooool :D


You all sound like you have things to occupy yourselves along with an easy pace ;)


Check in later.

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