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Morning all. Its me time now  :) HW sorted, DH gone for a swim and Sophie out for the day with her mam.


I'm going to pop the kettle on and do some knitting and watch a couple of progs I have recorded - bliss.


Eliza the quilt is beautiful I love the way you have turned it into a picture - beautiful butterfly and flowers.

Maybe a nice yellow scarf will add a touch of spring to your dress


Love2 enjoy your day out and the knitting this afternoon


K&F is there no one else who could give you a lift to work - shame if you feel you are ready to ease back into it slowly.


Lisa theres nothing better than homemade items for brightening up around you.


Have a lovely day ladies


Take care

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Back with buys, bought 1/2 metre as decided to do covered piping, then went to local haberdashery shop for a zip and she had 100% cotton fabric, I bought some to make a dress for a wedding we are going to in summer, , colours are brighter than they look here, also 5 zips for £1.


post-483411-0-66670500-1459940722_thumb.jpg will construct cushion after lunch


post-483411-0-67553600-1459940781_thumb.jpg just need to make this and I will wear a pair of black sandals that have been worn once before.


love the caravan makes, vintage chic cones to mind.

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Yeah I was right. .vintage chic..going to a vintage clothes fair on saturday with my daughter. .went to a household one last month but I found that strange. .it was full of things I had when I first got married.


Love the caravan..I once nearly bought an old van to do up which I was going to have in garden as a craft room..never got around to it and now we have spare bedrooms.


Will you be using it this summer?

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Yes Eliza we have been living in an American rv for a year now so use to camping we have four dogs and two grown up sons that live in rv with us.so we brought the caravan so either we can take rv away and leave boys and a couple of dogs behind or we can just take the caravan.but to give me more room I am going to put some craft bits in there to.:-)

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Well done Eliza on the dress,and now a second one will be easier,good match on cushion fabric too


Lisa great fun doing up the caravan, shabby chic colours are gorgeous,your American rv sounds fun can you post some photos

It's something I always fancied


Denise enjoy your me day,it's well deserved, I agree with you that a yellow scarf would lift Eliza Brown dress, good idea from you


K&F hope you don't go back to work to soon. Be patient, the nice days are coming


Did you get home dry from the library Fi, it's rained here all day ,I have been food shopping and ordered a baby shawl to be knitted for my niece, I haven't the patience for big knits these days


It's stovies for tea for us then I will be working on another knee quilt again using quilt as you go blocks,


Hope you are all well, Linda must be busy not seen her posting for a few days,

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