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Nice to read lots today..just got home from care home..I was firm hubby also spoke very un-usual..they gave her wrong meds last night..last week I asked for help getting her to loo and was told yes but after the staff meeting..every member of staff in a meeting..strange practice.? So it all came out.. I was calm and smiled but told them it was all unacceptable. I may have to contact head office and I told them that..will give them a few days. .as we left all senior staff were all in an office with a closed door.


I now need to craft. .and calm.. and.stitch..


Have a nice afternoon,

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Oh Eliza well done you ,standing up for your aunts rights

My daughter was a nurse and the other one a carer and some of the things that go on shocked them ,the elderly deserve dignity and help getting to loo can't wait till after a meeting, the wrong meds being given could be fatal, those should be double checked, hope you get satisfaction and an apology,

Relax now you have done your good deed


Sorry folks I got so annoyed about Eliza s aunt I can't remember what else has been said today


I went for a steak tea earlier at that pub chain , did you get yours this week eliza?


It's my birthday next week and last year I spent it in hospital so hubby didn't buy me a gift as I usually give him ideas of what I want. So today I bought a new mobile phone and told him it's from him no excuses this year, please buy a card I told him


I like the crochet Linda unusual colour of yarn

I will be knitting and sewing this evening, hope everyone is healthy and crafty

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No Liz. .didn't get for steak today. .not sure why as we were out and about.


Yes the care home..they kept saying she's fine..maybe so but she was very tired and scared as they pin pricked her finger ever 2 hours during night and it's more good luck than management that she is okay. .totally unacceptable. .just had a call they have changed how they give meds..seems a couple of meds were put out at once to save walking. .I said sorry but I can't see how that could be allowed.. they are also going to stop mass meetings..absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry to go on..

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you stick to your guns Eliza, if they choose the caring profession, then they should CARE for their clients

Pointless being in a care home without the essential care when needed .It is such a worry especially concerning for all those poor folk who don't have someone to fight for them


Linda I remembered you said I had done my quilt quickly, but I have been a few weeks at it, much slower than usual and it's not the wonderful work you do, I Invent as I go along

You follow beautiful patterns


Pity you missed steak day Eliza, it was yummy with a large glass of Rosie wine

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Eliza its disgusting what they have done.  For goodness sake surely they are aware residents need help to go to the loo it takes priority over stupid meetings. Fancy having all staff in meeting at once. As for the meds they should have been reported.


Good for you for speaking out. After all the amount of money they charge is astronomical and a;; residents should get, and deserve, a first class service.


Liz sounds like you are definitely on the mend. Why isn't your work wonderful - don't put yourself down. Its so colourful and pretty.


Off to bed shortly so its goodnight from me - goodnight

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Evening ladies! I've been out most of the day again today while the weather is nice. Took the boys out on their scooters to a local psrk with a friend and her children.. Then sorted hw and decreasing finally.


Only managed to finish the border of the back of the cardigan last night, and haven't had a chance to pick up my needles today as my friend and brood then came for diiner.


Eliza- that isn't on. They should be recording what medication is given and at what time! (I cared for terminally ill children before I moved).

You need to put your complaint in writing!!


Suzie- sounds like you're enjoying work! What are you doing?


Love the unusal colour banket teal and brown is it?

All the blankets are really nice


Liz - good on you with the mobile. I like your thinking ;)



Goose- aahh well thats lovely news with all the long emotional wait of expecting.

Its great your grand gaughters appreciate a home made gift!!!


Tracy- hope you had a good day at work!


Sorry if I have missed anyone or messed up who did what. Its late and I'm ready for my beauty sleep Loooool buona notte x

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