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damp Monday

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Not sure what today will bring.


I've started a lacy waistcoat using some multi shaded cotton ribbon yarn I paid 1.99 for in a charity shop a while back..no idea what it is or how it will knit up so very trial and error.


My dress looks okay. .that was £1.00 mtr in a sale..thought as a practice it would be okay. .not really colour I usually wear (browns) but I like it..with a bright cardigan or jewellery.


I'm quite a happy crafter just now..even finished the beige cotton jumper..need to photo things but I keep forgetting.


Close hand quilting my cushion so a few things on the go but all different crafts and I seem okay with that. Variety and all that.


Hope everyone is well..dry and crafty

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pouring rain here today Eliza, my joints are painful due to weather, you are busy at the crafts just now, I will add a photo of my latest knee quilt, another present for Christmas


Not sure if we are going out today as so far it's been us Sat chatting and cuppa, with the weather not looking like it's going to brighten


Knitted another set of booties last night then discovered I had two left ones, so one to re-do today


Hope you are all well


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Liz the quilt is.really good.. just hemming my brown dress..going out for lunch FiL tricked us..he said to me..are you ok to collect me at 1.00 to go to fish restaurant. .I thought hubby.had arranged it but he hadn't. .. I was really annoyed as I'm trying to eat healthy. Fish n Chips.. but hubs looked blank at me. Would be funny if ! ! Anyway checked menum and I can have fish with salad so not quite as bad.


Just had a heron on our garage roof. .that maybe answers why we lost our pond fish. .anyway fooled him as we no longer have a big pond.


Be crafty

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Morning, it's bright and sunny here now after a damp start to the day. Had a busy weekend looking after Leah on Saturday and yesterday we went for a very slow ramble and then met friends for lunch before visiting family.


Nice to see you back Fi and hope you find your knitting mojo unless it's hiding like mine is. I've posted a photo of a tunisian crochet blanket I made a few months ago. You use a long hook and on the forward row keep all the stitches on the hook, then the return row is yarn over hook and take off the stitches one by one. I hope that makes sense as I'm useless at describing things. It gives a denser fabric, I've turned the top down on this one to show you what the re erase looks like.


Suzie did you get round to trying tunisian crochet? I would recommend you count your sts on the front row as it's easy to miss a stitch I'm always doing it. I hope you enjoy doing it. Sounds as if you had a good weekend with family.


I love your lap quilt Liz, you have put so much thought into it. Pleased you are feeling a bit better, take it easy though. You should just knit two right booties and then there is a spare pair.


Denise who amuses who with you and Sophie? We were only remnsing the other day about how both my gran and Margaret used to fill the sinks with warm water and a drop of washing up liquid and we would play for ages. Nursery will do Sophie the world of good, Leah loves 'scool' as she calls it.


Linda I wish my girls were interested in more crafts that we could do together, jade looks very contented sat with her cones. I love the idea of the lavender plants and they will give off ance scent in the room.


Eliza your dress sounds nice, £1 a metre is a bargain. As you say nice bright jewlery and cardi will set it off.


I better get back to the grind. Have a good afternoon.

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Afternoon ladies. Sophie just gone home with her dad. Water play again today. She now knows if she puts water in a yoghurt pot with holes the water goes straight through into her cup.


Quick bit of HW to do then I'll have a cuppa while I wait for DH to come back from his swim.


Eliza I think variety is the answer. I always have at least  one  knitting and one crochet project on the go and keep swapping over. I think it stops you getting bored.


Liz the quilt is lovely. Wet and miserable here so hope you get brighter weather so you can pop out.


Have a lovely day everyone


Take care


ETA Suzy we both posted at the same time.  Not sure who amuses who  :lol: Its chucking it down here so you are lucky with your sunny weather.

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Where has the time gone today?

I must admit I was a late riser this morning 9am (half term) had a quick breakfast; and the boys amd I set off on our bikes to a local park, we haven't tried, as we moved to Hertfordshire a year ago.


I also wanted to get out quick (so appearance was a bit topsy turvy) as rain is forecasted for this afternoon. (Sunny/overcast this morning)


Been back an hour tidied a LITTLE but a couple more bits to do! Then to make lunch for us lot then I reckon its on with my cardigan I casted on last night. Didn't get far, only one row (was too tired from being out yesterday).


Eliza - I love the fact you ar able to do many crafts. Would love to my self.

Great save on the fish salad! ;)


Liz- love the quilt! Who is it for same as the booites? I agree with Suzy do two right



Suzy- I've tried to crochet a few times and have never really got the hang of it! I suppose I better walk before I can run! The blanket looks lovely!


Denise - hope you have a lovely day.

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