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Afternoon all, Jade has just gone home to Norfolk, we have been wedding crafting, Jade finished off her confetti cones I stamped up her little flags and stuck wooden butterflies on them they go in the little pots of lavender cuttings. Then we all including my sister were cutting off tops of the bunting and poking them in to the right sides


This is a jacket I hope to weave and make for my self. Should get the peg weaving loom by Monday.


Sounds like every one is in family mode this bright sunny and warm Sunday, I will blow the summery stuff up to you Liz, good to hear you are feeling better and that you found your fabric mojo.


Su2ie I am glad that you have family close by now,


I shall be watching Barhrain F1 later so will do some crocheting in the meantime.



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Afternoon all.


Shattered from our day out, but the pork smelt amazing to walk into! Thinking in a roll and served with sweet potato wedges ;)

The boys have had fun! So now its time to cast on! Oh how its been a while!


Suzie- Your back from Ireland?!

Your day sounds relaxing, and content :)

What is Tunisian crochet? Might have to you tube.


Goose- Envious with your decreasing mine is starting to build now its half term! So i've hidden it till I can do it. Love a roast!


Craftie nannie- I frogged a lace cardigan I started to make for spring last year.. It's miami cotton, and i've chosen the colour apple (ironic as I'm allergic to the things).


Shame about the weather!!



Stakreem- Love the jacket!

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Glad you enjoyed your weekend Linda, it's so satisfying to craft jades wedding goodies


Sun just popped out here so a nice evening now, we are just away to eat our evening meal then it's craft time,


Have a good evening ladies

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Sounds like everyone has had a busy but lovely day including me.  It is DS birthday tomorrow but DIL bought him a cake today as we were all together.


Off course you can guess who blew the candles out - 3 times   :lol:



Off to bed now so I'll bid you all goodnight

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