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I woke full of craftyness. So far I have cut out paper pattern to make a dress...I've finished knitting sleeves of cotton jumper. .now on neckband while watching C&C..rule brittania sewing..thing is I had that phase a few years ago..made my daughter 2 cushions..don't think I took photos of them . Based them on a London holiday we took with them.


I'm promising myself a sewing day .. we have a family wedding in July and I really want to make my dress..but first I need to shed a few more pounds and also need to sew a bit neater..I've made countless bridesmaid dresses..even a wedding dress but these days my patience seems thin. Watch this space. .I may get there or it may be a trip to Leeds dress shops.


Nice to see knit4 back..congrats on the auntie news..Liz your sounding better..everybody else. .hello..enjoy the day and hope you get crafty time

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Oh wow Eliza I would love to be as talented as you! Love the sound of your day!

I have a friends wedding in June Where I am a bridesmaid! I also need to lose weight: but stones in my case :(


I haven't even looked for my bridemaids dress :o


Thanks for your congrats



Well I've been up early and have put a SW pulled pork on in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours, so hoping it comes out well.


The boys, OH and I are off out to Knebworth house for the day so will be making pack lunches after my morning brew.


I'm also going to be naughty and start a whole new knitting project, to get me back into the knitting mojo. I only have 2 WIP's so not too bad :D


Well I hope all have a lovely day

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Was going to say morning but its afternoon already! :D


Good to see you back Fi :P Sounds like you have a very busy day - enjoy Knebworth.


Eliza you sound like you're bursting with craftiness!!!  You go girl!


Busy morning here as usual although Ellie is off out with one of her nans.  Alex is here decorating a cardboard tube with foil from Easter eggs.  I managed to do some crochet on Friday!  Yesterday I took the girls out and met up with one of their brothers and we mooched around town together.  Bumped into my sister too then popped in to see nan & granddad so we had a great family day.


Today I'm doing a roast lunch so back in the kitchen for me in a moment to peel spuds.  I've got the urge to try out Tunisian crochet later as I got a free hook a few weeks ago and it would be a shame not to use it ;)  Will see how the day goes.


Have a great, crafty, happy Sunday everyone x

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Afternoon ladies.  I'm smiling as my de-creasing is done and the sun has popped out from behind dull clouds.


DH in kitchen making sunday dinner and I'm - well I was doing some hooky to finish off my squares blanket. Will take a pic and upload later.


Its nice to hear everyone either full of craftiness or family orientated.


Hope you all enjoy your day


Take care

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Rain here so stay at home day, need to catch up on dreaded HW


Homemade carrot and celery soup for lunch, then we will see what the day brings, might get some crafty time before tea time


I didn't sleep well I went to bed with my head full of fabric ideas and woke every hour and this morning I see I have actually bought metres of fabric on line during the night, a kindle is so handy (or not) so new projects here I come


Nice to see missing faces return, what are you going to knit


Everyone sounds like they have a busy day planned ,I will go and get some more HW done, essential s. Only

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