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Oh Goose clever Sophie! I still can't get my girls to tidy away... The job starts in the afternoon but I've got the few hours clash sorted as their dad will help out :)


Right I'm going to ask the girls - again - to tidy up!


Bye for now x

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Hi everyone, been out most of the day with my friend,


Great spiral blocks Linda and so well done,you are so good

at them


Eliza a great idea for your cousin, what clever crafty friends i have, what was the decision on black fabric


Decorating again goose you have caught the bug, what's your wallpaper like?


Hope you have a great holiday K&F, relax and enjoy


Su2ie hope ellie s eye heals quickly it must be sore


I have had niamh here for tea, so must get ready to take her home now


Have a good evening hope it's not as cold with you as it is here.

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Liz it took me ages to figure out which way to machine them and you have to put the material on the wrong side of foundation then machine on the dark lines on the right side of the foundation. I would now be able to do a triangle in an hour.


Denise I have both the books by the author RaNae Merrill, spiral quilts 2008, and mandala quilts 2010 The mandal quilts has lots more graphs and ideas,


I can't wait to do more triangles tomorrow. I have 25 sheets of printable foundation so plenty enough to make triangles and tear away foundation once machined.


Congrats Su2ie on your job glad you can have their Dad to help out with them.

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Just finished a fingerless glove  so thought I'd pop in before I start the matching hat.  They are both made with short rows in garter stitch. I love their simplicity


Linda I was thinking yesterday about doing some baking with Sophie next week. Make some buns when she is here in the morning and ice and sprinkle them or turn them into butterflies in the afternoon.


DH doesn't know it yet but he has bought me the Spiral Quilts 2015 edition. There is an online template library which includes templates for 5 projects in the book, all the material on CD plus additional templates that wouldn't fit on CD.


Can't wait to read it but I am being very good and put it away.


Liz  my splashbacks are tiles in black, silver and pewter so I needed something to match. I found the ideal paper white with small rectangles the exact same colours as the tiles 


Must leave you now to do some drinking chocolate and toasted stottie for DS2. He has to be up early as he is flying to London again for 3 days. He certainly does some travelling with this new job.


Sleep well and catch you all in the morning.



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