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Morning crafters


The thread I use is number 8 - I think.. pearl cotton in small 10g balls..its 2ply but twisted tight so it won't split.


Not sure what we are doing today. . I'm running out of black fabric.. I bought more the other day but from a different shop and now have it home it greyer and shinier. .not much I may get away with it but?


Hope no little girls are going to school witb a black eye today Su2ie. . That's it blank mind sorry


Have a nice Monday everyone. .

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Morning Eliza and all, pretty cold this morning we are getting the weather from the east. I shall probably be quilting today getting the flying cranes done on the four corners of the black and red quilt I am doing for Liz she is coming at the end of this month., I also have the black Chinese brocade to put on the back. Then I can get that one out of the way.


Well must make some breakfast have a good day all , talk to you later.

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Morning all, its very cold and we have had quite a severe overnight frost brrrr. The sun is trying to come from behind the clouds and some of the grass is starting to look green rather than white.


Just waiting for DH to fetch Sophie then its a morning I guess of Peppa Pig, reading books and Sophie cooking in her little kitchen.


Tracey hope work goes quickly for you so you can get home to do some knitting


Eliza thanks for info on thread. I'll check that out.


Linda your quilts sound lovely. 


Have a good day everyone. Wrap up and take care

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Morning all :)


Eliza thankfully Ellie's eye hasn't turned black but it still has the nasty cut and is red and puffy.  She said it aches.  I told her teacher what happened so they could keep an eye on her - she didn't want to stay off school.  Can you get more of your original black fabric?  You're sounding unsure so it would be a shame to use the new stuff then decide it was the wrong decision...


Tracey let's hope work goes quickly so you can get back home and put your feet up!


Linda hope you manage to get your quilt finished :P

Goose - go on admit it, you like playing in Sophie's kitchen too ;)


Well I popped to town after taking the girls to school and picked up a pair of round sunglasses to use for Ellie's costume.  Just need to take out the lenses.  They only cost £1 B)


Right I suppose I'd better do the washing up.  Need to wear gloves though as I caught my loose false nail this morning and my broken nail beneath began to bleed (the one I caught with the bread knife the other week) so I don't want to get my hands too wet in case the new false nail comes adrift.  Hope that makes sense! 


Catch you all later x

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Hi I didn't do what I said I would quilting the crane, but went on to try out my printable foundation, and did a twisted triangle log cabin pic below if I do the triangle on another piece of foundation , sew the 2together then it will make it look like a fan lots of triangles together and I will have a fan quilt.


When jade was here we got on with a lot of things and finished them together if I had one of you visit me I could finish a quilt with you but I don't think that will happen so I will have to get on with it on my own.


Have fun with Sophie in the kitchen is she old enough to stir cakes with you in your kitchen?


Su2ie love the dress you made lovely design does your girl like it.?


I have to get dinner ready now we have sunshine so John is out in the garden cutting and trimming the honey suckle and generally trying to fill up the garden recycle bin.

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