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Dual tasking here..winding machine bobbins while writing this. Thanks for positive comments..I thought I had done nearly enough panels then counted. .now 23 done so 12 to go..then the joining sashing.. I think need to check..I treated myself to cotton batting and I will hand quilt using black crochet cotton..I enjoy hand quilting ..find it more relaxing than fighting with machine and quilt. .keep saying I will do a quilt as I go then...one day.


My friend sews in an old style wrap around pinny.. bobbin full off I go

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Oh my goodness 2 pages before lunch?  Wow :P


I went to bed early last night as I've been suffering from a bout of cluster headaches.  Still not right but I'm going to do what I can :)


I've cut out the dress from the curtain fabric now, using the hems already there for the bottom of the dress and for the sleeves to save on time.  Shouldn't take me too long to do.  I still have a whole curtain left too!  I'll take the tape off the top too as it might come in useful for the future :D


Tracey you may have no plans but I bet it includes knitting ;)

Eliza sounds like you have a full quilting day ahead of you!

Linda I love the hearts & butterflies - different and beautiful for a wedding.

Liz what a good idea with the wrap around pinny - I use the K&F method of sticky tape ;)


Right better fire up the sewing machine - speak later x

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Hi all me again here is a picture of what I have been doing this morning , drawn in pencil, now I have to over draw with a fine line black pen. The guests put there finger print on the tree n green and sign next to their print. And it becomes a summer tree of the guests at the wedding a real keepsake for Jade and Matt to keep.. Notice the 2 birds on the bottom branch for Jade and Matt to finger print.


Liz wrap around penny very good idea love to see it when you are working through it..


Eliza why not try quilt as you go with each square you have done just cut out backing material an 1 1/2.inches Bigger than your square turn the backing to the front and you have your sashing and backing done in one go and just a little square to manoeuvre round the machine. If you just try one and see what you think?

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I often use sticky mitts from lake**** but it's such a pest if wearing dark clothes, and I am always covered in threads

And some fabrics are so bad,


Hope the fancy dress goes ok su2ie


Off out to sunday lunch then garden centre, so that's my day out,


Nippy here but Sun still out

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I will one day do quilt as you go..I didnt forget this time but sort of flowed into doing it the large way..quite looking forward to hand quilting it..


Like the tree.. what do you do the finger prints with..guess a box of baby wipes at the side. My niece is getting married in July she is quite crafty so I'm looking forward to seeing what she does for favours and memories.


I've given up sewing..got my back and shoulder after a while..now reading a book called Slow Stitch..it's all stitching for the mind and repurposing fabrics..the author had an exhibition at our art gallery..very arty.. they are doing a community cloth in the gallery..keep saying I will go along to a stitching session but never seem to get there.


Just heard from my cousin. .home day after operation with a drain in she has to empty and measure herself? She goes back friday for it taking out. She was bright though..I'm popping to see her tomorrow or Tuesday. .


Mid afternoon Sunday lunch here..sat sipping wine waiting for dumplings to cook..I did a throw it all in slow cooker meal.


Suzie..my 5 year old grandaughter came home with the brief ...child and parent to make a prop from a book using scrap..they are making the monster book from Harry Potter


Keep crafting.

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