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Linda they look complicated. . Don't think I do complicated these days.


I've finished my tunic just needs to meet the iron and I've been sewing panels for quilt..its been craft a bit and HW a bit then went for an afternoon cuppa at my friends..think to night it's knitting while watching rugby league.


8.15 this morning the home phoned. .your aunt has a eye appointment and we are busy getting everyone up and dressed..what time is her appointment. .early...well I can't take her. We'd never get her in car and although it's near the home did they expect us to push her. ? Next time we visit I'm going to speak to new manager..we we're there yesterday and.nobody mentioned any appointment. Error they hoped I'd get them out off.


On that happy note I'm going to make a curry and have a glass of wine while I cook.


Enjoy your evening.

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Hello all :)


Sorry I've not been around again - its been manic busy.  Good news though, I went to 2 interviews today & I was offered a job at the 1st one!!  Its part time but with the chance of as much overtime as you want.  Its an admin post dealing with various clients post.  Should start a week on Monday all being well :D


Eliza I hope everything went well for your friend's op today.

K&F hope your back has settled after your walk.  I salute your determination.

Liz sound like a busy day for you & hope you enjoy your meal out.

Goose well done on all those angels! 

Linda wow - you never cease to amaze me!  Love the sewing :P


Right best get on!  Could do with putting my feet up a bit longer but I have clean washing on the bed to sort - oh the joys of never ending housework.  And yes I too use baby wipes for all sorts including putting a shine on shoes ;)


Have a good evening all & hope I didn't miss anyone out or muddle anyone up! x

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Su2ie - Congratulations on your new job. Well done. That's fab news. 😄

Linda - your crafting is great, but looks complicated to me. 😀

Denise - NHAP will love your Angels, they are gorgeous. 😊

K&F - Hope your feeling better.


Night Night All. 😴

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Su2ie congratulations that's brilliant news.


Tracey thanks I enjoyed making them, it was all the ends that were a pain :lol:  . I've started a peach and white angel blanket tonight.  Liz (Crafty Nannie) sent me a big box of yarn so using the pastel colours for blankets and baby ware etc for NHAP


Bedtime for me now



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