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Morning all


Saw on the news about Didcot. . Seems very strange and so sad when lifes are lost. Did you see on the news about the house that blew up in outskirts of York. .our son was telling us his colleague lives very near and their house shook with things flying off shelves.. they had no real damage done but the neighboring houses are all going to have to be demolished the damage is so bad.


It's a crafty day here..I hope.. I am making a tunic top from a length of wool jersey that has been in my stash for years..I brought it from my mums after she died 18 years ago..for years I thought it was a scarf. .I've no idea why she had a length of fabric as she'd lost her sight and not been able to craft for years..it will be nice to eventually put it to use..I've never really known what to do with it..fingers crossed it turns out. .doing it with a asymmetric hem..or that's the plan and should be a nice spring top..also may work a bit more on Miss Spring. .this a few crafts on the go is new to me but I think I like it... old way I always seemed to be rushing to finish things so I could start on next thing..this way is more relaxed. . Also nearly finished my kiddies cardigan with left over crofters and WI wool..has anyone used that from ho*******t..it's nice yarn and a good price.


Well kettle is calling. . Have a good day

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Morning all. Just finished HW so thought I'd pop in and see what's happening.


Going to make myself a cuppa and do some hooky. I only have 3 balls of yarn to use up on the angels - about 25 I think - but I can see the end.


Eliza its good to slow down a bit  in the actual making but you can still thin k of new ideas


Its a lovely day here all be it a bit frosty but I have been looking out of the window watching about 10 blue tits in the trees - a lovely sight. Apparently in winter they gather in groups to look for food.


Have a good day ladies whatever you do


Take care

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Morning. :) All quiet here. Still no news on 3 unaccounted for people at the power station - hope they're found soon.


Eliza, yes I heard about the house. I told OH about it as he's always forgetting to turn off the gas cooker, which worries me we'll blow up one day!

Goose, well done finishing HW and enjoy your hooky time.


I managed my normal walk this morning, hooray! Can't remember last time I did. Now I must rest, so I have a book and floaty cardy to keep me occupied. :)

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Good morning, it's glorious here again today, the temp in my conservatory is over 100f and I put the tv paper in front of the thermometer to show its not a photo taken in the summer.

I worked all las week, the weekend and two days this week as they are dropping like flies in the office with a bug that is going around. Even those who are never I'll have come down with it, Sue has given us a hand and miricals do happen Tim has also been in all week.

Apart from that I've not had a bit of time with Leah and a few rows of crochet I have been to tired to do much else.


K&F nice to see you are feeling a bit better, I heard about the power station on the radio this morning, so sad and difficult to search through with it being so unstable for the rescue workers.


Eliza enjoy making your top the fabric sounds lovely.


Denise I thought of you when I saw the second picture I have put on here!!! I use baby wipes for everything they are so much cheaper than specialised cloths.


My dinner is in the slow cooker so I'm going for a walk and then pop into A..I as I believe they have yarn in.


Have a good day x



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Hello all did the food shopping this morning, and met my sister for a coffee in S.....b..y , I bought myself a ready meal it was fragrant Japanese noodles with chicken pacchoi red peppers and spring onions , it was so lovely and only a few calories. Must get that again.


We had warm sunshine this morning but now it has turned rather cold . John has planted in very small pots 31lavender cuttings , they are one of the favours for jades wedding tables, she also has small bottles of home made sloe gin, and a folded book for each table.


Talk about blue tits coming in to the garden Denise, I was also window watching before breakfast and saw 5female pheasants come in to the garden looking for food here are three of them on the fence.

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Evening. :)


Suzy, hope you got the yarn you wanted.

Stakreem, how do you take lavender cuttings? We have an old lavender hedge, it would be nice to start some cuttings to replace it.


A quiet evening ahead for me. OH is out being An Actor, so I'll watch some telly and knit. I've started him a ribbed scarf to match a beanie I made him. I don't think he's noticed though!

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