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sunny monday

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Hi all..just got home..appointment at hospital was sort of ok..nothing I didn't know and I need to do as I'm told..speech checked on this scale chart and it seems I'm improving..knew that as well..next appointment was craft book..not sure if it will be too stressful, have to remember hospital only 2 hours earlier said keep calm and they were shouting deadlines.


After went for coffee with my friend who was with me and he said I may struggle after listening to what they wanted. I said I'd let them know via email in a few days..down to the hobby you enjoy versus task you have to do..


Sarah nice to hear from you.


Like the look of the spiral quilt..is it done applique? I think plain fabric will lift the batik..I'm enjoying doing mine with the black in..just bought a length of plain black to back it with..not that I'm at that stage for awhile yet..also bought black crochet cotton to hand quilr with.


Well time to make tea.


Have a crafty evening

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Eliza it is not done as applique it is cut into strips and machined on to foundation material along the lines of the pattern printed on the foundation material.as pic below.


Glad you got through your appointment just go at your own pace and do what you feel like doing.

Have you got a work in progress picture I would love to see what you have done so far. I did find some plain material in blue and a mustard yellow . Put up against the batiks it does look better and calms it down.

Edited by stakreem

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Hello. :) I got signed off work for another 3 weeks this morning - 3 hours to get through to them on the phone! :o OH rang as I knew I wouldn't manage it.


Sarah, glad you're feeling better.

Goose, sounds like you had fun with Sophie.

Eliza, glad hospital was OK.

Stakreem, your crafting is coming along apace.


I've managed a few rows of floaty cardy sleeve and a short walk today. Hopefully I can do the same tomorrow.


Have a good evening folks. :)

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Linda I think plain and batik is the way to go , all Batik is too busy as you thought

Are you starting spiral blocks for another venture


Nice to hear you are on the mend sarah, how is the leg ulcers

Hope your voice returns soon, what does doc think


Eliza glad hospital keeping check on you, don't take on too much at craft club, a task you have to do for a deadline is seldom enjoyable, craft for enjoyment


Denise nice Sophie has settled back into the routine

Glad you are managing to use yarn


k&F hope you continue to improve,


I have been out to meet my grandson for coffee this morning then got food shopping this sfternoon, so not much crafting do , will try and post WIP for you , these are not quilted yet and need some embellishments


Hope you have a nice evening everyone


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Linda I agree with adding plain material and obviously you can see in front of you the difference it makes. Looking forward to seeing pics when you start. How is the wedding quilt coming along/


Sarah sounds like you're on the up - that's good.


K&F good that you can still manage a bit knitting and of course you're daily trot. Keep it up  :)


Liz the blocks are looking lovely you are a busy bee


Eliza results were good but just take your time with things.


Enjoy your evening ladies

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Liz your blocks are so interesting I love all the dogs and you have done your own ideas I can't do that I have to copy. Well done once they are backed and quilted they will be excellent.


Denise my bonnet quilt has just got to have a wedding square with names and dates and a church on it then I get on to the borders. This batik spiral quilt is a new venture I just have to start it when the printable foundation comes in the post.

Good to hear from you K&F keep going with your daily walk and craft, hope you get to feeling good soon.


I am watching gold rush at the moment then the news talk tomorrow good night all.

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