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Hi Suzy, nice to hear from you, you must be busy, miss you posting


How are you Sarah, hope you are on the mend now,have you managed to shake of the bronchitis etc, hope your leg is ok


K&F nice to see you post, sorry to hear you are having a bad time just now (((hugs))), hope you get some pleasure knitting your floaty cardigan


Denise you seem to be enjoying the new sitting room, isn't it lovely when it's all new and so much easier


Eliza how's the spring fairy coming on? I did think oh I miss fairy making but I must not start anything else, I have 3 lap quilts on the go, how's your quilting doing


Linda how is your blocks coming on, saw pics a few days ago and they are lovely, so like the pics in book, I am afraid I looked through the book then did my own take on them as usual. But yours are so professional


Just had a cuppa and a roll with black pudding on , it was delicious, The forecast snow has not arrived so far and it's been sunny ,but pulling over now, I managed to get my bed linen out this morning but the best of the day has now gone


Well evening meal cooked ,mince just needs heating and hubby cutting up my cabbage for me, so potatoes and cabbage to boil

Easy meal


I guess I can slip in some fabric playing now then hand embellishment on fabric whilst watching telly tonight, Vera and call the midwife for me


Did I miss much on quilting craft channel I forgot to tape it

Getting really dark here rain or snow definitely something about to happen , wind just risen too,


Hope su2ie and family ok and I have not missed anyone

I know your relaxing with your knitting Tracey..Enjoy

Anyone heard from Tina is she ok?



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Afternoon each, we have gales blowing so not very nice all the fences are holding up since we had concrete posts and slabs put in the fence panel just shakes a little. I have been researching foundation piecing, any one done it. I have sent for some printable foundation material that I can put through my printer and print out a template. Like the one below and then machine along the lines with bits of material. Some patterns turn out like this book pic below, how is that for a quilt amazing. I just got to get the colours right.


Some web sights sell foundation by the yard, but I wanted to print my own design.

Any way I keep Saturday and Sunday to research new ways of doing things then Monday it is back to the quilt. I just made a tagine for dinner with turkey steaks very tasty, turkey and chicken can be rather bland unless it has a sauce.


John is washing up and I am going to read my book which I bought a couple of years ago . Hope every one enjoys a crafty day.

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CN we posted together good to hear your snow has not arrived , always look at the weather man and see if you are getting snow up there in the far north east, John went to Fraserborough when he was in his 20's to Peterhead he said it was really cold up there.


Thanks for your comments on my bonnet girl blocks still every one of the ten blocks I have done I have to finish off with a prop or quilting. Another 2half blocks and I can start thinking about the edge strips.


I would Love to see what you are doing, with your bonnet girls or children?

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Family all gone home now. New table and chairs brilliant. I extended it and we all sat round, including Sophie, and I was amazed there was plenty of space - no knocking elbows  :lol:


Linda your spiral quilt reminds me of iris folding in card making. Perhaps you could get some (perhaps  free)  iris folding patterns and enlarge them if needed.


Liz re quilt prog its a big quilt they are making and today they showed you how to do a couple of blocks - more next month. If you go on their website you can see videos of each block.


DH bless his cotton socks has just poured out  a cuppa


I'm back to hooking again.


Enjoy your evening

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