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Morning all


I'm hoping to be crafty today. .doing .. well not sure. .I may finish the body part of miss Spring and then I can do the fun bit of making her hat.basket.not sure what else will evolve.


Hope everyone else has a good day.


I'm catching up on recorded programmes..while hubby is still snoring..he monopolises the "box" watching sport... mainly cricket..so next it's interior challenge.


Have a good day

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Morning :)


Eliza I hope you get to finish Miss Spring :P


Never got the sewing machine out yesterday - again.  I think half the problem is my supplies are all over the place & I can never find exactly what I want.  Same with my Spring wreath.  The wreath is all ready and hanging on the wall but its bare, not a flower or a leaf on it and all because the thought of attempting to find the right wool for the job in my stash is just too daunting...


Anyhow maybe I should just do some writing in between everything else!  Or editing!  Hmmm sounds like a plan B)


Have a good day everyone & hopefully a crafty one! x

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Just came across this and as I am always talking about our village activities thought you may be interested


post-483411-0-58014300-1455964354_thumb.jpg..  I'm somewhere in the crowd, photo taken from church tower


Poor you su2ie, i always think it is so annoying when you can't find things, I'm currently looking for a box full of wood carved things that I put in a safe place before the builders arrival, or more to the point that hubby put in a safe place which makes it harder as he can get into safer places than I can.

Edited by Eliza28

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Morning All. 😄

Weekend at last. Have been covering at work for colleagues on annual leave..... Won't be volunteering for an all day Friday again in a hurry. Lol. 😄

Anyway, have caught up on the posts from the last few days. Everyone sounds busy and full of craftiness. 😄 Perfect.

Am having a relaxing weekend now with my knitting. We always have Chloe for visits at some point during the weekend, she often stays for sleepovers on a Friday which we absolutely love. ðŸ˜

Have a lovely Saturday. x

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Afternoon ladies,

Sun here today, been to my eldest daughter now hubby cleaning car, it doesn't get done often first time this year


It's HW for me as I have neglected things in favour of playing with fabric, you were right Eliza , but how the sun shows things up lol


I have my friend coming from Edinburgh for 5 days next Thursday so I have some prep to do for that and I want to cook and freeze meals in advance


Made a start on my Sun bonnet children blocks still props and scenery to add then quilt them , they are enjoyable and absorbing


Your village seems to participate in the community it looks good Eliza


Hope you see Chloe this weekend Tracey ,I know niamh is growing too fast


Su2ie hope girls allow you craft time, and that your aches have gone, is it sunny enough to put girls out in garden today, ? I find kids don't go out so much like mine used to


Well I will prep evening meal now and then see if car is cleaned to my standard,lol and then it's cuppa time


Enjoy the rest of the day whatever you get up to

Can't get photo of my blocks to load sorry will try later

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Have had a lovely day. Chloe came to play for a while before heading off to a birthday party. 😄

Back to knitting for me now for the evening. Might see if there's anything I fancy watching on TV now too. 😀

Have a lovely evening everyone. 😃

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