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Well I'm back from the 60 's.event.. idea was good but they ran it as though we all were in dementia stage..kept saying does anyone need a break..had a quiz but the librarian reading it out couldn't read..well exaggeration there but..it was half hour late starting which was annoying as my friend had a mini op this morning and we rushed to get there.. so all in they could do with some feedback which we gave with tact so all in 3 hours that could have been spent better.


The quilts looking good. Floaty cardigan sounding nice.


Not sure what I'm doing this afternoon. .may have had enough excitement for one day.


Keep crafting. .

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Had a go at making angels and love them so will be making more this evening.


New table and chairs came today so helped DH make them up as they were flat packed.


Had visit from Sophie who brought her doll and pram (birthday presents) with her I measured it up for a mattress, pillow and blanket. She picked the tape measure up after and started to measure the pram and her doll. 


Linda love the quilts and colours in your crochet.


Su2ie I was up early so got HW done. Since decorating I make sure everyone puts things away - instead of me and doing floor with baby wipes is quicker than hoovering.  


Suppose I better make some tea before the menfolk start grumbling.


Enjoy your evening

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