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So Sophie did notice..pleased they are home safe.


Liz are you busy with the fabric.


Su2ie we used to walk when we were a young family and now they go off for walks whenever they can. .have to admit it the bit about arthritis that annoys me not the pain but the loss of freedom..I do still walk whenever I can but to end of street is not the same as a good long walk taking in the scenery.


Got the handles sorted. .having to chip out bigger bits on doors even now. .they look ok..


My aunt is ok..weak but calm. .2 of the care workers are getting married but not until next year. .the guy had been telling my aunt I guess for something to talk "about we'll have a little party here and you can play piano" he'd said..she's now convinced herself she is playing organ in church and going to reception after..can you get me a red dress and a white handbag she greeted me with.. it will be a nice day out for me.. she can hardly stand, sleeps most of the day but is convinced she'll dance the night away. .I guess her optimism keeps her going.


This morning I am going to a 60's nostalgia event in the neighboring village.. so twist n shout and do I wear my black and white mini dress ? Monday we have a meeting about our village festival. I was going to suggest we do it patriotic as a big party for the Queen. .maybe with a 1920's dress code..in the past it was the seaside and a lot dressed up even if it was just knotted hankies on but we had bathing belles a couple in seagull costume.. the church tower had a recording of swalking seagulls from it..one flat roof suddenly sprouted a working lighthouse. Another time we had tour de Yorkshire and loads turned up in dressed in all things from lycra to Victorian cycle gear it really is entered into well and suggest a theme and leave it to the imadgination.. I think I may suggest in future years if we don't have a national event to celebrate we do a decade theme.Has anybody been watching the Back in Time series.. I love it.


Well the usual Eliza ramble here.


Have a good day everyone.

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Morning :)


Wow Eliza your area sounds fun with themed events! Have fun! Hopefully the thought of being involved in a wedding will keep your aunts mind off "playing up" :)


Slow kind of morning here. I ache a bit after yesterday's walk. I have stamina in the bucket load and a really healthy heart rate but the joints let me down even at my age! Erm, not that I'm a spring chicken. I've got a big birthday coming up at the end of the year....


Anyhow I'd better get on! Need to take a shower and throw the girls in the bath too. Who knows, maybe I'll get the sewing machine out today!


Goose are you getting more Sophie cuddles today?


Speak later X

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Morning all. Its nice and sunny for a change  :)


HW all done and using baby wipes on my floor leaves a nice smell too. DH gone for a swim and washer whirring away so I'm going to make a cuppa and sit down and crochet some little angels.


The charity I support put them in the packs they send out and are running short. Found some wool/silk yarn in my stash and you need to use a small hook/needles probably (why its in my stash) so that's my morning planned.


Eliza love the idea of themes. As Su2ie says maybe the thought of the wedding is helping your aunt to concentrate on something and not being naughty.


Su2ie not sure when but I'm sure Sophie . cuddles are on the agenda for today. Hope your aches and pains sort themselves out.


Have a super day ladies


Take care

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Hi everyone you are all busy busy as usual, how lovely to have Sophie and family back. What an experience she has had one of those things although so young she will remember.


I agree with you Eliza about the walking I used to run across fields and through the woods would love to do that again but the painfull knees are letting me down .


Never mind it comes to us all at some time , I have been doing the quilt and crocheting an Irish wave blanket in the evening. I have done 10 squares but each one needs something to finish it off if it's not hands and other props it's quilting on the back ground , but ll do it. Pics below of works in progress.

I have also made a few dinners ahead of time so I can consent rate on the quilt. Well it's time for a cuppa and piece of cake so I'll talk later. The eyes are much better with a nightly application of moisturiser and oil of Ulay.

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Hello. :)


Eliza, enjoy the 60s event this morning.

Su2ie, hope your joints ease.

Goose, enjoy your crochet time.

Stakreem, the quilt is looking good!


I managed to walk to the postbox today. Now I'm resting with a coffee and will do more floaty cardy later. I'm about 1/2 way up sleeve 2 I think. :)

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Oh my goodness Goose you were done early with the HW! Enjoy your cuddles whenever you get them ;)


Linda I don't think I've ever been able to run through fields and woods! :blink: Love your crochet and the quilt is fantastic!


K&F hello!  I was wondering how you were!  Good to see you on here & hope the walk to the post box hasn't tired you too much :)


Well I've been very busy here but you wouldn't think it with the mess the girls make!  Better think about doing them some lunch.


Bye for now x

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