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Good Morning All. 😊

Thought I'd get started early, as I probably won't get a chance to pop in until after work tonight. 😄

Have a lovely knitty/crafty day everyone. 😃

Denise - Enjoy tons of extra special Sophie cuddles today. ðŸ˜

Take Care All. x

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Denise...enjoy your Sophie cuddles let us know if she notices changes in your house. .our grand children didn't. .although they don't come often, they did find their way to toy storage but got a bit confused on the way which was funny as they had no idea why, basically they approached the stairs from the left and before change it was from the room on the right when they got to top of stairs they were disoriented, the 5 year old kept saying what are we doing , where grandmas toys are. When they found them she said ''what are we like'' with hand on forehead.


Taking door handles back today..they are too big, also need to visit aunt in the home and food shop so a busy day .


I'm going to make a textile necklace, my cousin showed me some she bought in Lanzarotte (struggled to spell) hers were madr from t-shirt fabric strips but I have a ball of strange chunky yarn I think will work..going to do a prototype. .a cross between a scarf and a necklace..so a neckarf or a scarlace or something. .I thought they may be something we could make at crafters and put on stall at summer festival, we need new ideas that are simple to make and cheap.


Hoping to get bed changed early and all washed so I can hang them out as rumour has it a visit from the sun today.


Right snuggle back down or go make a scarlace or whatever they are called.


Keep crafting

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Morning all so excited I couldn't sleep.


DH still asleep so going to make a cuppa just for me and do a bit early knitting.


Tracey hope work goes quickly for you


Eliiza your scarlace sounds interesting looking forward to seeing a pic. Will let you know if Sophie has any reactions to new decor


Have a super day ladies


Take care

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Morning :)


Actually beautifully sunny today!  Will be wellies on for the girls and off for a walk I think - well if they stop arguing and actually get dressed!


Tracey hope work goes quickly so you can get back to your knitting :P

Eliza like the sound of your scarflace ;) B)

Goose I bet you feel like the time is dragging waiting for them to return today!  Enjoy your cuddles!!!


Right best tidy up before we go out and stop the fighting...

Bye for now x

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Been a nice day weather wise, damp and cold now

My fabric arrived at last so got it cut into 9" blocks and started the 12" blocks ,but had to leave it to take niamh to dancing

This evening visiting a friend, I would rather stay home and craft, but don't like letting folk down so must sacrifice time with my fabric


Did you find alternative handles Eliza


How did the walk with the girls go su2ie


Hope you have seen Sophie by now Denise, did she mention the sitting room?


Hope you are home from work Tracey enjoy knitting now


Have a good evening everyone

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