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Wet wednesday

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Morning all. As you can guess from today's title it's wet and a bit nippy too.


Loving the new wood floor. No hoover needed. I have a mop thing where you attach a cloth (wrap round and poke in holes on back) which I bought years ago for about 50p.  Instead of special wood floor cloths I use my granddaughters baby wipes. They are ideal and so quick.


DH has gone for a swim so I have some time to sit and knit.


Hope you all have a lovely day - wrap up and remember your brolly  ;)


Take care



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Morning :)


Goose what a great idea with the baby wipes & I bet they leave a shine too :P


Well its wet wet wet here too!  Girls are going to their grandfolks to play with their cousin at 12pm and ideally I'd like to try out my new walking boots but the weather really is pants...


Been on the job hunt since 7.30am!  Did quite a bit of crochet last night watching TV or rather Netflix but not had chance to do any crafting yet today.


Have a good day all, whatever you do B)

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Afternoon all, been out buying door handles, oh the excitement, problem is get hubby in a DIY shop and its like me in a craft shop, differnce being I stay aware if someone else is with me they may not want to hang around hours, but that must be a female only thing, took him 45 minutes to pick an electric wall socket as he kept drifting to other things, handles we saw in first shop but he said maybe bigger store will have more choice, into car 7 mile drive and we bought ones we saw in first shop,


I could have stuffed my doll, maybe I should have taken her with me.


after lunch going to see my cousin, she goes for her op next week.


I'm doing the book, my friend is guiding me.


right off I go, think rain is easing here.


Hope everyone is dry, smiley and crafty

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Damp here was rain early morning

HW today, so nothing interesting


Still waiting on fabric to arrive I am annoyed about it now why do some sellers take so long

Not sure what today's craft will be as I have loads of fabric

But if I use an alternative the one in the post will arrive


Hope you all have a good day

Catch you all later

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Hello. :)


Goose, enjoy your knitting time.

Su2ie, hope you get to try your new walking boots out.

Eliza, have fun with your cousin.

CN, hope you've found a crafty to settle with.


It's tipping it down here. I managed a walk first thing. I'm on floaty cardy sleeve 2, so will do a bit of that in front of tv. :)

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Still raining  :(


K&F nice to see you back. Suzy did let us know you had a health issue.


Eliza good on you doing the book.  My DH is the same when we do food shopping. He appears to go in a trance staring at the shelves of each particular item. I could fill my trolley in the time it takes him to choose one item  :lol:


Su2ie typical British weather. You will just have to craft or write or edit  :)


Liz definitely a bit of a pain waiting for your material. Have you contacted them?


DH on way home so better pop kettle on.


Catch you later

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