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Hi again from me,

So glad to hear from you Sarah, sorry you have been ill but guessed as much when you were absent, get well soon


Eliza hope test result comes back fine try not to worry

We also ate out when we went food shopping it was steak day at a well known pub chain


Bitterly cold here too it's good to be home and I am now snuggled on sofa in pjs, embroidery for me tonight with loads of cuppa to warm us, plus cream buns I picked up whilst out

(I am so bad)


Keep safe and crafty ladies

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Evening all :)


Sarah so sorry to hear you've been so ill! Glad to hear the tablets are working now.  Maybe there is a bit of snobbery with the embroidery thread (I've experienced plenty from some people for using acrylic yarn!)  The thread feels fine to me though.  I just plan on using it for friendship bracelets and for crocheting small flowers :)


Liz how annoying with your fabric!  Hope it arrives soon.


Eliza I don't blame you for buying a new rotary cutter and mat, especially as you'll get loads of use out of them.  Fingers crossed for you liver function test x


Well I have treated myself today to some proper walking ankle boots.  I do a lot of walking over rough terrain for exercise but have poor footwear to do it in and I managed to get some decent boots in the sale locally, much less than half price too.  They should last me years :P I've had my trainers for 7 years, another sale bargain but they sprung a leak.


Anyhow I'm off to do some more editing now.  Think its going to take a couple of attempts to do it.  Think I'll do the technical editing then a bit more of a re-write the next time then another technical.  Well something like that.  It's not easy lol.


Have a good evening all x

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I've managed to make 10 chicks just need to sew eyes. DH will get me some orange felt tomorrow for beaks.


The book Linda mentioned  - crinoline ladies - has gone astray in the post. I hadn't realised it was coming from Australia just ordered best deal on eb**.  Sent a message saying it hadn't arrived and they immediately refunded my money as no other copies at the moment.


Sarah hope you're better soon. I'm loving the new decor just waiting for my table and chairs which I ordered today.


Su2ie good bargain on the boots and well done for all the walking


Eliza sometimes our crafts are useful in keeping us warm while me make them.


Liz enjoy the cream cake. I've sent you a pm.


Enjoy your evening - whats left of it

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