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Morning crafters,


bright but cold here, no sign of the black ice we had yesterday, we never went out, too dangerous, but my FiL who lives near and it's hilly went to get his hair cut, I went mad, but it needed cutting, so you risk breaking your leg to get a hair cut, he started with the back problem he had op on after slipping on ice, I told him your just petty and selfish, who would have got the call if you'd have fallen. I was a bit cross.


we are having a trip out today weather permitting, first I have tests at doctors, not sure what, I got a text message on friday to make a 20 minute appointment with nurse?


Going to make my breakfast now, need to pop my pills so I'm mobile to get to doctors.


Have a good day.

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Morning all. Frosty when I got up but sun is shining now.


Hopefully it's a quiet day with some knitting for me. DH is finishing off beading round edge of floor so I guess at some stage I will be tidying up after him.


Eliza hope all goes well with your appointment


Hope you all have a good day, off to make a cuppa.


Take care

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Morning all :)


Oh Eliza I'd have been a bit cross too!  Good luck later x

Goose men generally have to be tidied up after :lol: enjoy your knitting.


Same old here for me with a bit of job searching after breakfast.  Good job the girls are playing nicely - well I say nicely as I have to split up fights every so often :blink:


We had a sharp frost here too but it seems to have cleared away now.  Rocky was in trouble this morning after I let him in following his morning jaunt around the block - he tried to pinch Alex's milk and knocked it all over the floor so I banished him outside again :angry:


Oh and I've finally received my embroidery thread.  I ordered it on 31st December & I think it got held up in customs.  It's lovely though so well worth the wait.  Others had complained about the lack of variety but I got a nice pack.  Now I need to dig out the friendship bracelet book I got an age ago :lol:


Right back to my cuppa.  I bought some Yorkshire tea and threw out the old teabags.  They were gross.  So glad I've got my Yorkshire brew now, lovely strong cuppa :P


Bye for now x

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Very windy here ,but snow gone


How clever are you Eliza, congratulations on the offer to write craft stuff I am sure you would be great at it

Your 2nd ever quilt looks fine to me, you must have the hand quilting bug if you want to re do it

Hope you get knitted cardi back on track


I was out yesterday with Teresa my eldest so a nice day catching up and shopping with coffee then lunch breaks


Still no sign of my fabric for Sun bonnet blocks, it's so annoying, waited a week now


Hope the snow and ice has cleared where you are, stay cosy

I need food shopping today so must reluctantly go out

I will pop back later, be crafty if time allows

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Hello everyone


Lots and lots of rain for us today, i don't mind though because it snowed yesterday so I think all the rain today will completely wash it away rather than us be left with a load of slush. 


I've not been around much lately, I had a nasty virus that turned into bronchitis and now has turned into pneumonia so I'm on complete rest. The rest part was easy though because I haven't had the energy to actually do anything. But I am starting to pick up now the tablets they gave me have started to work.


That was a lot of risk taking just for a haircut Eliza, i don't blame you for being mad. Hope your doctor's appointment goes well.


You sound like your decorating is almost done Goose, Are you pleased with the results?


Good luck with your job searching Suzie. Did you order your embroidery thread online at A****n ? I have been looking for some embroidery thread there and I keep seeing lovely packs with lots of colours but then in the comments people say because it's not the 'good' brand that it's no good. I don't know if they are just being a bit brand name snobby or if the off brands are really not very good. Even here in the US I have found Yorkshire tea and PG, not that I drink tea, but I do get a thrill out of seeing some British products.


Glad your snow is gone CN nothing worse than when it hangs about and you have that slush and slippy pavements. I hate when I order craft items and they take forever to get here.


I too need food shopping, my boys said they'd do it for me but I couldn't send them out in the snow yesterday and the rain has not cleared it yet today so I'm going to see how it goes. I don't want them driving in slippy conditions. 


Have a good day all, I have a couple of days off from Alia because her dad is off work. I might try some sewing if i feel up to it, if not I'll colour in my colouring book and practice my blending some more


have a good day everyone

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Nice to hear from Sarah. .hope you soon feel lots better.


Had all my tests done..back to waiting. .one I'm bothered about is kidney function as I have a feeling..well you know how we get the feeling and often we are right. My vitamin D level are jjust sneaking into ok.


I bought a new rotary cutter and mat today handle on mine had a ccrack and I felt a bit dangerous my mat is very old so thought may as wel get all new.


The quilt I'm re-quilting. .it only has a couple of lines of machine quilting on it so needs more before I can wash it..I'm working over whats on, can't face unpicking it.


Very cold here today..I'm sat wrapped in a quilt with wheat bags on my aches, had lunch out so no cooking to do.


Have a cosy crafty evening

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