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Pretty Flutterbies issue 77

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I've knitted one of the flutterbies from issue 77. Has anyone else had a problem where the wings do not match? One wing has turned out beautifully shaped (left top wing). However the right top wing is cast off straight with no shaping. I only noticed this once I cast off as I'm relatively new and the project curls up quite a bit while knitting so I didn't notice! Please excuse the pinned to the sofa picture, it's to try and demonstrate what I'm talking about!


If someone can spot either where I went wrong, or what the mistake is, I would really appreciate it. I'm disappointed as I started knitting this as a quick emergency project this evening for a present tomorrow and it is now not gift worthy :(




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Unfortunately at the moment I am decorating and my mags are packed away.


All I can suggest for the moment is that you send an email to [email protected] 


If you attach a pic as above it should help.


Sorry I can't be of any more help at the moment

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Hi, I have checked the text in the magazine with the original text from the book that we were sent and it does match up. I would suggest getting in touch with the book publisher ([email protected]) or the designer (https://make.jemweston.co.uk/) with your query. Apologies we can't be of more help on this occasion.

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