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claire willis

Popping in to say hello!

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Hello Claire...I only pop in here occasionally these days too, and remember you well for all your quilling articles a few years ago in Craft Beautiful magazine...they actually introduced me to quilling originally and have sold many of my cards using basic flower shapes etc...however...I no longer participate in a whole range of crafts, not because of being too busy,but am at the other end of the age spectrum...now 80 and arthritis is gaining momentum on my fingers, but do manage to make and sometimes sell my cards, mainly these days using my Big Boss Super die cut machine. but have had to slow down a lot...have given my right hand a good talking to...It must not succumb to arhthritis as I need it to paint my (masterpiece) this summer. My quilting projects are in various stages of construction but have been put on hold until my second cataract has been sorted.....assessment tomorrow...the right eye was amazing and can see so well with that, so......I hope this summer to write more poems...make more cards and hopefully paint my masterpiece...not the fine painting I used to work on, but have plans for my sea paintings..I used to exhibit and sell my paintings, so who knows...."There is Life in this old dog yet".Good to still have ambitions...I love gardening too, but that will be pruning and pottering this year....still...I had a sunflower last year that reached almost 12ft...so lets aim higher this year...good luck everyone with your crafts..Mary

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Think you have your crafty hands full there with raising a family, Claire!

Well done to you and yours!

I still think of that bride you made with AWE!!

Not as fabulous as those wee kids though!


it would be nice sometime to get a book out of your CB makes - they were 

quite fantastic!!

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