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Linda yes I do get sticky eyes in morning, optician advised a hot wet cloth laid on them, and I have drops, hot cloth is soothing


Glad your granddaughter is feeling better Eliza I like your quilting , are you stitching the leaves through 3 layers


Oh hubby ready to go shopping (food) I will pop back later

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Good afternoon ladies. Done my shopping ( a certain little lady was pushing the trolley, looking for things when I asked her, threw things in the trolley and with the help of her dad put them on the conveyor at the tills :) ) and in for the day now. Bitterly cold outside.  Still lots of patches of icy snow around where the sun hasn't hit.


Going to have lunch shortly then some knitting until Sophie comes.


Linda craft shops charge a lot more for Freezer paper thin k I got mine from Am***n - best to check around


Eliza quilting looks good


Su2ie my floor is the same when my granddaughter comes - can't see the carpet for the toys  :P


Tracey enjoy your day off - will you be perhaps doing some knitting


Liz wrap up its bitter out there


Emma merge your saturday post with this one.


Hope everyone has a good day whatever you do - stay warm


Take care

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That's me home again ,we had coffee out to warm us, Brrr.. out there

Shopping all away and cuppa in hand, so back to last border of quilt I will post pic once finished probably tomorrow


My next project is pram cover , I am trying to do one at a time , project that is my resolution has lasted 2weeks so far



We have some nice smoked haddock for tea wish I had a cook to make it as I want to craft not cook


I ordered some quilt panels to embroider they are ready printed so bought enough for three projects forward thinking

Hope everyone is cosy and crafty this evening


Is your island finished Eliza , post a pic to make me jealous

You lucky woman


Keep posting your quilt panels Linda , it's inspiration


I am glad you gave us the thumbs up on prices of freezer paper Denise, thank you


Regards to everyone I didn't mention personally

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Just got back from York with a new sewing machine..I just thought stop dithering and get one.


The panel I am making is all hand sewn..due to broken machine..I free hand drew the leaves with water soluble pen then running stitch over it though 3 layers..I'll bind it eventually on my new machine..its a Jan*** that has 100 stitches..I think..too tired to take it from box..I'll play tomorrow.


Old one can go away and hubby said he'll pull it apart when he has time and see if he can sort it. We worked out it needs about 5 new parts you can see where they are worn so would have cost a bit ti get it repaired professionally.


I'm really tired and can't think straight..I'll say bye for now ..


Oh who asked about dry eye..a friend has it and gets ointment from doctor. .



Edited by Eliza28

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Finished OH's beanie. Love the pattern 'cos it's so quick. It's one I made up a few years back. He's very pleased with it - pics hopefully below. :)


Eliza, well done on the new sewing machine - what did you get? :)


Happy evening all. :)



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