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Dear All,

I am a current student at Nottingham Trent University working of my final year piece. I am a part time crafter and enjoy making jewellery in my spare time, however I have noticed that it is really hard to find specialised craft furniture in the current market.


Crafting is definitely on the boom and there are many people that love to craft from home but don't have the space or equipment. Currently from my primary research I have realised that the current furniture offered doesn't include much storage or adjustable working space. Could you possibly answer the questions below to help me understand the workspaces of a full time crafter and a hobby crafter?



If there is anything that you feel I have missed and haven't asked please do not hesitate to comment.

Please share around as the more crafters who answer the better my research will be and the more practical the final product will be.


Thank you and best wishes.


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1) I Needlework including making things to wear, embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork beadwork, knitting, crochet, papercrafting, papermaking, glass painting and fabric painting, candle making.

2)  I work from home in my conservatory and while siting in front of the TV

3) approximently 48-60hours per week

4) Started with knitting 

5) Started knitting at the age of 3years old

6) It's my business

7) I work on my dinning room table covered with a protective cloth and on a work tray on my lap when working in the living room watching TV

8) Yes lots and lots of storage is required

9) At the end of the day some things are put away some things might be left out ready for the next day depending on what I'm working on.

10) Already answered as yes 2 places my conservatory and my living room

11) Yes I have enough workspace.

12) I'm awaiting my new Chest of drawers for my material storage and I'm making a new smaller ironing station.

13) My workspace is being customized as we built the Conservatory to be our new dinning room and my new crafting studio. As my spare bedroom ie my old craftroom was required as a full time bedroom.

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1. Papercrafts, mixed media, beading and a bit of sewing and embroidery.

2.  At home.

3.  About 5 hours a week.

4. I started crafting about the age of 10, so about 45 years ago.

5.  I've always done lots of crafts.  I used to do others as well, such as dried flower arranging and glass painting.

6.  Hobby.

7.  I work at a desk or on a lap tray.

8.  Yes loads of storage, there's never enough storage!

9.  If I'm at my desk I can leave it out, if downstairs on lap tray I have to put it away.

10.  I have a craft room upstairs but I bring smaller projects downstairs to do in front of the TV sometimes.

11.  I could do with another surface to do my sewing on as it doesn't mix with paint and glue!

12.  A different height would be good as I quite like to craft standing up from time to time.

13.  I have customised my desk somewhat as I've added a plug block and a back with shelves and tool rack.  But I still need more shelving!

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Hi Ellie, first of all welcome to our fair city, I live in the suburbs of Nottingham on the edge of the countryside. My eldest daughter and my fosterson both went to Trest and I did maths at Nottingham uni.

1) I knit, sew, crochet, make cards from different methods, calligraphy, paint, cross stitch, embroider, patchwork and quilting.

2) I craft anywhere and everywhere, often taking it out with me like a knitting, patchwork or crochet project. I go to a natter and knit at or local library and take stuff to the office for break times.

3) I spend roughly 30 hours plus a week depending on my work schedule.

4) I started crafting at about the age of four or five (58 years ago) and was taught both by nanny and my surrogate mum thought my energies would be better tunnelled into being a girl instead of a tomlad.

5) yep I have done macramé, marquetry, flower arranging, lino prints, oil painting and tatting.

6) No I craft for pleasure and for gifting.

7) I work on any space I can find, a table, portable craft station, drawing board and the odd time cut out on the big table at work.

8) now this a silly question with me, if I have space I will fill it, my craft room, box room and lobby are full of my stuff.

9) it depends on what I am making, sometimes you need to leave things put to dry.

10) I use multiply workspaces tand adapt to where i am.

11) I could never have enough workspace.

12) I'm always looking for something new.

13) Some of my workspaces have been adapted for my needs and others will be.

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