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Kirstie's Handmade Christmas 2015

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I've watched it ..forgot this week but found it on catchup


Wasn't keen on the tree decorating. .loved the cakes especially the white one..the wreaths inspired me .. I agree could have done with Kirsty visiting last month as by this time I have made all my Christmas crafts, don't have the time in December.


Looking forward to next weeks.

I wasn't keen on the trees either :/  Prefered the ones last year.  Maybe we should all email channel 4 and ask them to start showing it earlier!  They could repeat it again in December.

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Hi Kirsty Christmas is on a Tuesday on 4at 8oclock 4+1at 9 o'clock. Or catch up tv


Very good series once again , I found this stocking filler on Pinterest, get two candy canes put on top a kits at stack on top 3 fudge bars finally on top a bag of chocolate pennies and put a chocolate Father Christmas in the front and tie with a ribbon see photo below and you have a Santa and sleigh.

That's really cute!  Wonder if there's anyone I can do that for....

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