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Oooh - this is SO good!


Love your stamp organisation, Bc!

Liz - I am so with you there. Just bought more STUFF today....

And I must LABEL my boxes  - THINGIES is such a useful word Aisles!

I shall use it.

Love that trouser hanger idea, Towst!

(I take your point about the strength of the hanging bar.)


So -YAY!

(Hubby says there obviously should be a support organisation for people like him!)

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Here's a picture of my stamp storage - well most of it - I need to more files to finish it off. The rest are in A4 folders but I'm changing to A5 because they're easier to handle.


Another good storage wheeze is, I use 3 of those hanging shoe caddies on the insides of my craft cupboard doors. They're great for miscellaneous stuff. I've just been to check what actually is in there and it includes: pliers, eyelet fixer, ribbon on reels that won't fit into my ribbon tins, packets of foam pads, fabric conditioner sheets, barbecue sticks, string (a lot of string) hot glue sticks ..... 


Please keep the ideas coming - I need all the help I can get!

Bc x

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I've got my reels of washi tape, masking tape, DS tape etc. hanging on a mug tree on my desk so they are to hand, and my acrylic stamps are in CD cases in a tower stand.  In a moment of rare organisation I numbered the cases, took a photo of the contents and created a spreadsheet so I can look up a theme and find where to look.  If I could just stop the door from cracking me on the head when I get them out of the rack, which is behind the door, I might have won that battle.  And I have coloured card in an expanding document file, and storage boxes for inks, glitters, seed beads and paint. The rest of the craftroom is a complete tip but it's a start!  I've been given a collection of cute Scottie dog shaped biscuit tins so just need to decide what to put in them...  :unsure:

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I have reels of ribbon and I've used an idea for craft storage I found on pinterest.


It's a strong box with bamboo rod through it and the ribbon reels slip onto the bamboo rods.


If you look on pinterst and type in craft storage ideas loads of photo's of what people have done will come up.

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